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Posted: February 7, 2020 at 9:41 am

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Graham Flanagan: Look at this gorgeous bald guy. He has oozing swagger and confidence. He possesses it. Nevertheless, it was not always like this. That is Rob. He is 33. This can also be Rob. He began to lose his hair when he was going 20. So, what happened? Why did Rob go hairless, and what exactly does it mean? There is something about being owning it. I mean, look at these bald icons. Michael Jordan, Jason Statham, his sidekick, The Rock. However losing your hair isnt something you aspire to.

Commercial: In case you are worried about your thinning hair, telephone Hair Club for Men and get our free brochure.

Flanagan: In actuality, there is an whole industry built around battling it.

Person: And remember: I am not the Hair Club president, however I am also a customer.

Flanagan: I requested a dermatologist about why some men lose their hair and when moving bald is my fate too.

Jennifer Chwalek: Therefore, once we sayhair thinning, we are generally referring to male-pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. The hair follicle is gradually, with time, getting smaller and smaller, to this stage when it ceases producing a complete hair. Testosterone has turned into to dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle via an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase, and once it attaches to the androgen receptor from the hair follicle, it causes the follicle to create a more compact hair.

Flanagan: Therefore, I wish to reveal my buddy Rob here. Rob began losing his hair in his ancient 20s, and, as you may see, there is little . . .well, there is none left. So whats happening with Rob?

Chwalek: Well, Rob has that which we call androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern hair loss. This can be due to many genes. And a few of the genes have been ancient expressing, and a few vulnerable people, they begin to lose their own hair really young, typically by era 30.

Flanagan: The very fact that Rob is hairless, does this make him less virile?

Chwalek: No. Thus, it is a fantasy that hair balding or loss is connected with virility in men. Men who go bald do not have abnormal levels of testosterone. It is really the hair follicle becomes more sensitized to the effects of testosterone or androgens, and it begins to make a more compact hair, and finally it stops generating hair.

Flanagan: So, what part do genetics play, and can it be accurate that hair loss is inherited from the mothers side?

Chwalek: The genetics of male-pattern thinning and hair loss is complex. We are aware that the androgen receptor gene is on the X chromosome, which is inherited from the maternal side, generally. So, there are a number of studies showing that with a brother that expresses male-pattern baldness may be more predictive than if your dad has male-pattern thinning.

Flanagan: Lets talk about me.

Chwalek: Mm-hmm.

Flanagan: I am 37. I have still got a few hair.

Chwalek: Yeah.

Flanagan: But can you tell me what is happening? Am I gonna go bald?

Chwalek: Well, have you got a family history of any thinning?

Flanagan: Yes, I really do, in my fathers side. My father, pretty much bald, and his brother is hairless. Ive a brother with quite a thick head of hair.

Chwalek: Can you believe that your hair was thinning?

Flanagan: I think that it could be, for example, at front just a little bit. I do not know what is going up .

Chwalek: Yeah, perhaps just a bit.

Flanagan: Really?

Chwalek: Perhaps a bit. Thus, androgenetic alopecia is really not an unusual trait. Approximately 40percent of the populace has some level of thinning, normally between the ages of, for example, 20 to 40.

Flanagan: My wife, Janet, she actually likes my blonde hair, and if it were to proceed, that might be an issue. So, how long do you believe I have to maintain some semblance of the?

Chwalek: I believe you most likely have some time to go. I believe you are gont be OK. The guys who are inclined to go bald-bald often do this by era 30, generally.

Flanagan: According to what you see, my era, what I have described about my loved ones, you do not expect my hair to simply fall out at another, for example, five decades?

Chwalek: It would be odd, but you could notice, you understand, as you get a little bit old, it might continue to lean slightly.

Flanagan: OK, that is a relief. Excellent. That is fantastic!

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