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Posted: July 31, 2017 at 6:42 am

Ok I managed to get them done. Woooh.

They are NON DEFAULT skins so you will need Rez Delnavas UI mod in order to use them.They come in Faces only OR the full set which includes my anatomical skins.They come in all base flesh tones and I added a bonus rainbow tone slider.


FACES ONLY mediafire / 4shared

FULL FACE & BODY SET mediafire / 4sharedThese come with my child/toddler bodies and my busty st claire and male muscular bodies.

I hope you like them. If you think I can fix anything let me know and I will keep it in mind for v2. Let me know if I stuffed anything up as well


Here are those full non-default packages you requested.I edited the male faces slightly to suit the female ones.

Let me know if I borked anything.

SILK / 4shared includes females faces, male silk faces, busty st claire and muscular bodies, Jack & Jill faces and bodies, Ladybug faces and bodies.

VELVET / 4shared includes females faces, male velvet faces, busty st claire and muscular bodies, Jack & Jill faces and bodies, Ladybug faces and bodies.


Hey guys, here are the new faces Ive been working on. I started these because I wanted an alternative to my current Naughty & Nice face skins. The nose on those is rather defined in the tip area which makes very nice button noses but not much else. I also wanted to take the time to fix a few other issues on the originals. The eyelids were bothering me, for example, among other things.

So I came up with Silk, its a smoother, more highlighted less shaded version of my original faces. The entire nose length is smooth and highlighted and I have muted a lot of the shaded areas on the face, for example the eye socket area, undereyes and the cheeks. The lip texture was smoothed and softened and the eyelid area was neatened up with the tear-ducts scaled down slightly.

Here is Silk:

From then I started playing with the nostril area and I ended up with a face that had a more defined nostril. I couldnt decide which I preferred and I knew that some of you would like silk whilst others would like velvet, so I decided to publish both.

Here is Velvet:

Here is a comparison of the three skins:

The elder face skins were also smoothed out a little to match the Silk & Velvet YA skins. The noses were changed accordingly.

Both faces come in Default and Non-Default and will match up with my Naughty & Nice and my Busty St Clair body skins.They also have custom sliders which have the names printed on them. The dots are black & white and the sliders come in a range of colours.


Silk Non Default Mediafire / 4sharedSilk Default Mediafire / 4sharedVelvet Non Default Mediafire / 4sharedVelvet Default Mediafire / 4shared

If you have previously downloaded the full set of Default Naughty & Nice Face/Body skins and wish to use one of these faces instead, then I suggest you remove the Naughty & Nice full set and just install the bodies instead then you can choose which faces you like.

You can download one of these faces as your default if you wish, and you can also have the other as a non-default. At the moment I have my Naughty & Nice faces installed, my Busty st Claire bodies and I have Silk and Velvet as non-defaults.

Enjoy <3

Credits:Escands Oh My EyesCmarNYCs SkininatorRez Delnavas UI Mod needed for Non-Defaults

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