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Posted: July 5, 2017 at 5:47 am

Fertility and Genetics

For over twenty years, Fertility & Genetics has enjoyed a reputation of caring professionalism for providing highly-personalized infertility and reproductive endocrinology services in South Florida.

We are proud to offer High Quality, Affordable IVF

$9,900 Multi-Cycle IVF

(Up to 3 Embryo Transfer Cycles)

$12,900 Multi-Cycle IVF PGS

(Up to 4 Embryo Screened and 2 Embryo Transfer Cycles)

Call today for a consultation to see if this option is suitable for you.

Fertility & Genetics is Proud to offer Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

Pre-Implantation genetic screening (PGS) is a procedure that can evaluate embryos for extra or missing chromosomes. Included in a multi cycle IVF procedure, PGS can improve a patients chances of a healthy pregnancy and significantly reduce the rate of miscarriages.

81% Viable Pregnancy Rate Per Single Embryo Transfer 70% Pregnancy Rate for All Patients Undergoing PGS Average Patient Age: 38 (27 to 43)

$12,900 Up to 4 Embryos Screened and 2 Embryo Transfer Cycles

IVF Refund Program

50% of the Program Cost

$16,000 (Estimated Cost)

Services for up to 2 Fresh and 2 Frozen IVF Cycles Office Visits & Sonograms for Cycle Monitoring Ultrasound Guided Vaginal Egg Retrieval & Embryo Transfer

Anesthesia & Operating Room Services Embryology Professional Services Treatment Cycle Blood Hormone Assays

Ask About High Quality, Affordable IVF

Ask about Affordable High Quality IVF Multicycle Plan - $9,900

Fertility & Genetics specializes in reproductive endocrinology and infertility in Fort Lauderdale. Our team of fertility specialists and staff provides patients with expert care and an individualized approach to fertility treatments and is among the best fertility clinic. At Fertility & Genetics, we provide patients with high quality and affordable IVF. For tips aboutwhat to look for when choosing a fertility clinic, please click here.

Helping numerous couples from around the world achieve their dreams of completing their family through fertility treatment in South Florida.

We can help you find the best financial option for you. Payment options are available. Learn More

Fertility preservation works in many ways similar to an insurance policy. Learn More

IVF is a method of assisted reproduction that involves combining an egg with sperm in a laboratory dish. Learn More

Words do not begin to explain how grateful we are for all their help and for giving us our little miracle that is slowly on its way. It is truly a blessing to be given the opportunity that these beautiful individuals have provided to our families and ourselves.

With Dr. Abae every step of the way was individualized and there was always ample time to ask talk; we are having twins.

I cried when I only had two embryos for transfer, but Dr. Abae said: Why are you crying? We ve got the best two embryos ever. He was right, my child is beautiful.

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Fertility and Genetics - Affordable High Quality Fertility ...

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