Researchers May Have Found A Genetic Cause Of Infertility –

Posted: February 8, 2020 at 7:46 pm

The mechanism that controls the switch to meiosis has been a topic of scientific investigation for some time, and this breakthrough offers a unique look at a gene trigger that only sometimes becomes active. An important issue for reproductive medicine, researchers are excited for what this discovery could mean.

Knowledge of this process and the gene will be useful in providing a potential answer, but more answers could also mean more treatment options for people struggling with infertility.

"If it eventually becomes possible to control meiosis," said Ishiguro, "the benefits would be far-reaching for reproductive medicine, agricultural production, and even assisting rare species reproduction."

This research is still in early stages, with the announcement of the genetic discovery only being published this week. But it does provide a starting point for a whole new area of research in reproductive medicine going forward, that could result in even more new breakthroughs. Further studies will need to investigate the process of Meiosin in human subjects.

While we may not see this breakthrough being used in medicine anytime soon, it's exciting to know that it may help people in the future. If you're hoping to start a family and are worried about fertility, there's plenty of expert advice for boosting fertility that can be easily adopted.

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Researchers May Have Found A Genetic Cause Of Infertility -

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