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Posted: May 30, 2020 at 1:44 am

Did you know that male honey bees dont have a father? A novel aspect of honey bee reproduction is that they get their genetics straight from the queen, and they have a grandfather but not a father.

That tidbit was enough to intrigue Ryan Giesecke to get interested in the honey bee game. A beekeeper had talked his ear off at a barbecue after a bee had peacefully landed on Giesecke.

I turned and kind of gently tried to blow her off of my shoulder, he says. The guy I was talking to said, Wow, thats a really good reaction. Youre not scared of bees. You should be a beekeeper.

Six months later, his new friend called him and said, Remember how you wanted to be a beekeeper? Suddenly, he had his first two hives. At first, he thought it was going to be a two-hive hobby, but his experience with ladders and power tools resulted in him removing bees from the walls at his aunts, uncles and parents homes. Next, he founded Honey Bee Relocation Services. Here are his thoughts on what we can learn from the hobby:

Lessons we can learn from the honeybees - Advocate Media

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