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Posted: October 10, 2019 at 3:44 pm

I tell everybody I havent heard anything, Green says. I dont fantasize about anything like that. Im just trying to get healthy and go from there.

He also knows its a business: Im prepared for anything. A trades not going to change who I am. Im still going to play. Im still going to be A.J.

Greens in the last year of his deal and the Bengals have never hid from their desire to lock up one of their franchise greats one more time for a third contract that solidifies him as the Bengals all-time leading receiver and locker-room anchor for new head coach Zac Taylors culture.

The injury, coming on the heels of big toe surgery that wiped out the last half of last season, put the contract talks that were percolating during the summer on hold. Now the Bengals are focused on getting a win and Green is focused on getting back healthy. Everybody has to see where everybody is. What we do know is that a fire sale just isnt Bengals president Mike Browns style. A deal with one of his all-time greats is more like it.

It certainly is to Green. As he told Paul Dehner, Jr., of The Athletic last week, he wants to pull The Larry and stay in the same city for his entire career like Fitzgerald has spent his 17 season in Phoenix.

The trade rumors and the start have done nothing to shake him. He says if the contract is fair, hes all in. Whether they re-build or not. He says hes not looking to jump to a hot team.

Thats just not who I am. Im loyal to the person who gave me my shot, Green says. They took care of Larry. Hes a Cardinal. No matter how many times they rebuild, hes a Cardinal. Hes the only guy still there.

So amid the buzz, the contraption strapped to his foot on the training table, the contract, Green is as impassive and as intense as ever. Well see, he says of the future. Right now he just wants to get back and win games and get back in the AFC North race.

I want the team records. I want more Pro Bowls. I want all that, Green says, so when I leave there is going to be a standard. I still want the yardage, I still want thetouchdowns.

He says he also wants to do it for one team. Thats my legacy, he says. Green, 1,877 yards shy of passing Chad Johnson as the Bengals all-time leader, has had to scale back his career projections.

Before the last two injuries robbed him of at least 14 healthy games, he was thinking between 15-16,000 yards. With 8,907 yards, now hes thinking 13-14,000. He thinks that still gets him into the Hall of Fame. He plans on tacking on to those seven Pro Bowls and if he adds two or three he probably will get to Canton. Five more Pro Bowls would make him a no-brainer.

Its 5:30 p.m. More guys are leaving. The thing on his ankle is strapped to a machine humming with stimulation. It alternates between heat and cold, just like Greens frosty brew of passion. A pro's hour remaining.

Its nothing frustrating. Its just time. I just have to be patient, Green says. I cant rush it and not be the same guy and mess around and get hurt again. Ive got to make sure its right before I even step out there.

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