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Posted: January 10, 2020 at 10:46 pm

How do I get stronger on the bike? you ask. Its that time of year: your races are done and you know where you stand performance-wise. You might find yourself wondering how some girls are so strong on the bike. How some guys ride by you as if youre standing still. Theres at least one explanation: strength. They have more of it than you (at present).

By Adam Johnston

If youre wondering what you can do this winter to improve your cycling (and your running and swimming, by the way), consider adding a regular strength training program to your routine (if youre not already doing so).

The majority of adult age group athletes are not limited by their muscular endurance. Theyre fond of their long training rides. They bump up to their competitive distances (whether it be standard, half or full) as quickly as they can. The ability to perform repeated muscular contractions at low levels of force is not what limits most athletes. Rather it is their muscular strength the ability to contract their muscles forcefully and/or against heavy resistance.

When most people start they typically improve almost regardless of what training they perform. Beginner and intermediate athletes get better quite simply by accumulating miles on the bike, running and in the pool. But once the initial break-in period has come and gone the next step is to focus on muscular strength.

Reams of information are available for the endurance athlete on strength training. This article isnt intended to regurgitate the research and advice thats readily available elsewhere. Rather, its meant to get you thinking of a few strength-related concerns and to consider a few things that you might not have anticipated when it comes to strength training for the endurance athlete.

Consider the following 10 strength training tips:

Be smart, be consistent, and get stronger for 2020.

Adam Johnston is the owner of WattsUp Cycling in Toronto. WattsUp Cycling offers an endurance athlete-specific strength training program on site. Visit http://www.wattsupcycling.ca to find out more.

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10 Ways to Get Stronger on the Bike - Triathlon Magazine Canada

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