‘Orphan’ Prequel to Tell the Origins of ‘Esther’ – Bloody Disgusting

Posted: February 20, 2020 at 10:49 am

One of the more underrated horror-thrillers is Warner Bros./Dark Castles 2009 Orphan, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring a young Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther, an adopted9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be.

As its revealed, Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer. She has hypopituitarism, a rare hormonal disorder that stunted her physical growth and caused proportional dwarfism, and has spent most of her life posing as a little girl. (Wiki)

In an interesting turn, Sierra/Affinity is launching sales at the EFM in Berlin on Esther, a prequel to Orphan that will be directed by William Brent Bell (The Devil Inside, The Boy, Brahms: The Boy II), reports Deadline.

In it, Lena Klammer orchestrates a brilliant escape from a Russian psychiatric facility and travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. But Lenas new life as Esther comes with an unexpected wrinkle and pits her against a mother who will protect her family at any cost.

Orphans big selling point was the shocking twist that changed the way you viewed the intense and immensely uncomfortable events of the film. It will be interesting to see if the prequel can conjure up the same kind of suspense with the audience already being in on the Esthers secret. Its unclear if Fuhrman will return, although its extremely unlikely.

The prequel, expected to start in the third quarter, is written by David Coggeshall.

Dark Castle Entertainments Alex Mace, Hal Sadoff and Ethan Erwin will produce with James Tomlinson. David Leslie Johnson will serve as an executive producer and Jen Gorton and Josie Liang will oversee for eOne.

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'Orphan' Prequel to Tell the Origins of 'Esther' - Bloody Disgusting

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