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Posted: May 2, 2019 at 9:48 pm

Alternative names: Pituitary Insufficiency

What is hypopituitarism? What are the signs of hypopituitarism? What causes hypopituitarism? How does my doctor tell if I have hypopituitarism? How is hypopituitarism treated?

Hypopituitarism is a condition in which the pituitary gland is not producing one or more of its hormones, or is producing them at lower than normal levels. These hormones stimulate other endocrine glands to produce their hormones. For example, if the pituitary gland doesn't make thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), the thyroid gland doesn't work correctly.

Hypopituitarism is a rare disorder.

The symptoms of hypopituitarism depend on which hormones are being under-produced by the pituitary gland:

Hypopituitarism is often caused by an abnormal growth, or tumor, on the pituitary gland. Most pituitary tumors are benign (non-cancerous), and are called adenomas.

Damage to the pituitary gland can also cause hypopituitarism. Such damage can be caused by head injuries, radiation treatment for cancer, autoimmune disorders, a stroke, infections, and disease.

Diseases of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain located just above the pituitary, can also cause hypopituitarism.

Your doctor may recommend one or more of the following tests to diagnose hypopituitarism:

If hypopituitarism is caused by a pituitary tumor, treatment is aimed at removing the tumor, or reducing its effects. This can include medication, surgery, and/or radiation therapy.

Pituitary hormone replacement therapy is often required after successful treatment of a pituitary tumor.

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