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Posted: August 23, 2017 at 5:40 am

Celeste McCracken had a choice to make.

She could stay in bed for the rest of her life or get better and make a difference in other peoples lives.

After an illness had her bed-ridden for about seven years, Celeste refused to be a victim to her illness anymore and now has one of the top hair salons in Sand Springs groundfloor salon. And shes only been open since June 1.

I decided to go back to school and get my (cosmetology) license. I didnt want my illness to define me. Ive always wanted to be a hair stylist, but I never took the leap. Well I decided to jump.

Despite being healthy all of her life through ballet and dance, Celeste started gaining weight and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, where her body didnt produce enough of the thyroid hormone. Then, it stopped working all together.

She had her thyroid removed, but the surgeon also removed the parathyroid, which controls the bodys calcium. She had to take synthetic hormones and vitamins, but her body wouldnt absorb them, and she needed eight-hour infusions at least four times a week just to stay alive. Her electrolytes would crash to critical levels, and she also had seizures. She spent the majority of the time at the hospital and couldnt work. When she wasnt at the hospital, she was at home in bed.

However, a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona got her back on track and her medications started working.

Thats when I knew I had to do something. I had to start living again and I wanted to help people, she said.

Going back to school at age 40 wasnt easy, but, for her, cosmetology was easy.

It just clicks with me. Its as easy as making breakfast, she said.

After building a clientele for several years in other towns, Celeste decided to open a salon in Sand Springs, and she said the reception has been amazing.

I wasnt sure at first. We live here and my husband works here, but I didnt know if I could start over in a different town. Well, my fears were put to rest immediately, Celeste said.

She didnt know where she wanted her salon, and she looked at several locations that just werent right. She had one more space to look at, and she knew right away it was the one, but she had help deciding.

When I showed up to look at it, Monte and Betty Box were waiting at the door. I hadnt met Monte before, but my husband had told me about him. We connected right away. He told me this is the place for you, and he was right. Monte and Betty have been amazing, Celeste said.

Located at 401 E. Broadway Court in the Village Square Shopping Center, Celeste specializes in color corrections, womens cuts, mens cuts and childrens cuts.

I think it is my mission to make others look great and feel great about themselves. God gave me a gift and He is the reason I can do this every day. It took a lot of prayer and a lot of hard work, but Im ready to spend the next half of my life being healthy and serving others, she said.

Celeste said she chose the name groundfloor salon because everything has a starting point.

Whether its beauty, faith, your career, relationships, it all starts somewhere. It all starts on the ground floor. It starts here, she said.

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