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Posted: May 31, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Susan knew she wasnt crazy. Although she hadnt felt like herself for a while, she knew her symptoms werent made up. She couldnt figure out why she was so tired and moody seemingly all the time. After all, she always took care of herself and enjoyed being active at age 51. Now, getting a good nights sleep is almost impossible. At times she even feels depressed.

Her symptoms are starting to affect her relationship with her kids, her husband, and friends. Little things that never used to bother her now seem like huge events. An accomplished professional, she experiences brain fog at work. And her diminished libido . . . well thats a new one. Sometimes she feels like she could lose it at any moment.

Her primary care doctor ran a battery of tests, including for low thyroid, but her results came back normal. The advice of youre just getting older doesnt sit well with her. Her PCP even prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills for Susan. Thats when she decided to take control of her health. Susan isnt someone who just wants to take another pill to treat symptoms. She wants to get to the bottom of her issues.

She was always curious about alternative health treatments. She'd heard about "integrative medicine" but wasn't sure what it entailed. She suspects that traditional medicine doesnt always have all the answers. Susan values her health immensely.

Shes spent so much time taking care of others and now its time to take care of herself.

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