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Posted: April 14, 2019 at 3:46 am

Welcome to the Hormone Clinic !

At the hormone clinics we have been helping men and women to live well and achieve peak performance at any age through hormone therapy.

Our medical director, Dr. Richard Gaines was one of the pioneers in hormone therapy for men and women. He, and all of the staff with the hormone clinic possess a unique insight and decades of experience in the safe and effective use of hormone replacement therapies such as HGH Therapy,Testosterone Therapy and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

We use hormone therapy to give you back what time and nature can take away.

The hormone clinic takes a very different approach to hormone therapy than you will find at Cenegenics, or any other provider of hormone therapy. At the hormone clinic you will always be treated as an individual.

We tailor your hormone therapy to your unique needs and lifestyle. Beyond that, we incorporate your hormone therapy into a program of Holistic Health and Wellness.

It is an approach to hormone therapy that is designed to help you get the most out of your treatments, in mind, body and spirit.

During your hormone therapy, you will be assigned one of our Holistic Wellness coaches. He or she will work with you to design a program of fitness, diet, stress reduction and exercise that will help you to maximize, and maintain the benefits of your hormone therapy.

You will also find the cost of hormone therapy more reasonable at the hormone clinic than you would at most other providers of hormone therapy. This is not only because of our precise and individualized dosing. We have developed long-standing relationships with certified local compounding pharmacies, which helps us to keep the costs of our bioidentical hormones low.

Also, unlike some other hormone centers, The Hormone Clinic will never lock you into a long term hormone therapy program. In addition, The Hormone Clinic will never try to sell you products or supplements along with your hormone therapy that you do not need.

All of the doctors, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners at the Hormone Clinic are highly trained and experienced in hormone therapy. Many of them are over 45 and on the program themselves, and are running marathons, racing motorcycles, climbing mountains, and doing other great things!

The Hormone Clinic is led by well-known expert in hormone therapy Dr. Richard Gaines. For decades, Dr. Gaines has been helping men and women of any age stay young, healthy, and accomplish great things in life, by offering customized hormone therapy.

In our Miami Beach location, our hormone clinic can provide you with not only the very best in Miami hormone therapy, but is also within the building of South Floridas first integrated wellness center.

As soon as you step into any hormone clinic location, you will know immediately that you are in a unique ultra-modern facility.

At the Hormone Clinic you will be treated with the ultimate in individualized medicine. At every point of contact with our hormone therapy staff you will receive executive treatment, all delivered in a setting that is as unique as you are.

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About Hormone Clinics - Hormone Clinics

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