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Posted: October 29, 2015 at 7:45 am

Health and Science Bad Astronomy Oct. 28 2015 11:00 AMA Cosmic Halloween Gallery: Things That Go Boo! in the NightPhil Plait Medical Examiner Oct. 27 2015 4:02 PMHomeopathy Is a Bitter Sugar PillIt wont cure what ails you, but it can get you drunk.Yvette dEntremont Medical Examiner Oct. 27 2015 11:15 AMGun Myths Die HardResearch on gun violence has made progress in the past three years.Paul D. Thacker Bad Astronomy Oct. 27 2015 9:00 AMRocket Booster Will Burn Up Safely in Earths Atmosphere Nov. 13Phil Plait Wild Things Oct. 26 2015 3:11 PMWhy Do Some Howler Monkeys Have Such Humongous Testicles?Jason Bittel Bad Astronomy Oct. 26 2015 12:00 PMThe Three-Headed Guardian of the Underworld Only Has Two HeadsPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 25 2015 9:00 AMSymphony of Science Celebrates 35 Years of the Planetary SocietyPhil Plait Medical Examiner Oct. 23 2015 11:11 AMDo-It-Yourself Medical TechnologyThese gadgets are more powerful than ever, and they can be wonderful or terrible.Chavi Eve Karkowsky Bad Astronomy Oct. 22 2015 12:30 PMThe Northern Lights, With a Dimmer SettingPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 22 2015 9:15 AMIf We Name This Planet, Im Gonna Go With AlderaanPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 21 2015 8:00 AMGreat Scott! Celebrate Back to the Future Day With Some Time Travel Movies.Phil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 19 2015 12:00 PMAstronaut Scott Kelly Becomes Least Earthbound AmericanPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 19 2015 9:30 AMExoplanet Hunter Geoff Marcy Resigns From Berkeley After Sexual Harassment InvestigationPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 17 2015 9:15 AMPluto Keeps Getting WeirderPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 28 2015 9:00 AMA Few Questions for Those Who Think Global Warming Isnt RealPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 27 2015 1:00 PMPeat Fires in Indonesia Are So Huge They Mar Photos of the Earth Taken From SpacePhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 27 2015 11:00 AMClimate ChangeDenying Sen. James Inhofe Wants to Crash the Paris Climate TalksPhil Plait Medical Examiner Oct. 26 2015 4:40 PMDoes Bacon Cause Cancer?You cant always eat what you want.Rachel E. Gross Science Oct. 26 2015 12:28 PMHot Hands in Basketball Are RealExperts have been arguing about these statistics for decades; now we know why.Jordan Ellenberg Bad Astronomy Oct. 26 2015 9:00 AMMore Global Warming Nonsense From CongressPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 24 2015 9:00 AMSatellite Views of the Most Powerful Northern Pacific Storm on RecordPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 23 2015 9:15 AMOur Home Galaxy: The Milky WayPhil Plait Science Oct. 22 2015 10:14 AMDo Science and Religion Conflict?Not according to highly religious people.Rachel E. Gross Bad Astronomy Oct. 21 2015 11:52 AMJust Give It a Candy Bar and Itll Be on Its WayPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 20 2015 12:01 PMWhen Magma Becomes LavaPhil Plait Bad Astronomy Oct. 19 2015 1:39 PMDonald Trump Doesnt Understand the SeasonsPhil Plait Medical Examiner Oct. 19 2015 10:16 AMGwyneth Paltrows Dangerous AdviceIf you have the flu, heres what you should and should not do.Alexandra Sowa Science Oct. 16 2015 1:01 PMYour Vestigial Muscles Try to Pivot Your Ears Like a CatsWe are a glorious mish-mash of evolutionary history.Rachel E. Gross


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