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Posted: June 2, 2015 at 8:48 pm

The field of Health Sciences is a very expansive and fast-growing area of study that provides a variety of job opportunities. It is the combination of health research and the application of that knowledge in the health industry. Health Sciences can be a blend of biology, public health, physical therapy, biochemistry and medicine. Various related majors in college are allied health, applied science, health and wellness, health management, health education, nursing and geriatric health. Choosing a career in this field can depend on many things, including interest in the job description, the type and length of education needed and the demand of that occupation.

This job usually takes place in a laboratory setting. As a technician, responsibilities are to prepare the specimens for the technologist to analyze and perform less-complicated tests than them as well. Technicians are supervised by the laboratory technologists or laboratory managers and are generally required to be certified or have an associate degree. A technologist completes more complicated tests that are more related to chemistry and blood. They are also responsible for analyzing results of these tests and require at least a bachelor's degree with usually a major of medical technology. The earnings of Medical Technicians in 2008 averaged $35,380, and Medical Technologists annual earnings averaged $53,500 in 2008.

Also commonly called Health Care Administrators, the Medical and Health Services Manager either supervise an entire department or a specialized clinical area such as nursing, therapy, health information or surgery. To become this type of manager, a master's degree is mostly likely to be required, but smaller settings may need a bachelor's degree. There are many fields that would be acceptable for this position, but a specific degree in health management is available. The average salary of this position in 2008 was $80,240.

As a Physical Assistant, responsibilities are determined by Physician or Surgeon and usually include working directly with patients through examination, interpretation of x-rays and other tests, and treating injuries. The requirements for this position are an associate degree or bachelor's degree and generally in allied health programs, medical schools or academic health centers. The average annual salary for this position is $81,230.

Health Educators teach people about prevention of common health issues, illness, and injury in institutions such as schools, colleges/universities, public health and medical-care facilities. Entry-level jobs require a bachelor degree in a health education program as well as related experience. Other positions and opportunity for advancement in the field require a master's degree in a specialized area and especially necessary to work in public health. The average salary of a Health Educator is $44,000 a year.

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