Inflammation of Carotid artery and neck pain – Undiagnosed …

Posted: June 13, 2015 at 11:49 pm

It started in 2009, lump in throat feeling did barium swallow test whihc was notmal, and had blood test which was normal except ESR slightly high, aske d to take Valprim 2mg and symptoms disappeared after a week or so, Again Sept 2011 felt like I had something in throat, went to doctors, gave me did an gastrocscopy, came clear, also did ultrasound for thyroid right side was in the upper limit s of normal, left was normal, also had some pain in stomach around that time did bariumtest and contrast for MRI to which I was anaphalactic, and had to give a cortizone, also sent me to ENT, during that time I had this white pimple,( have had them previously which ws not often but since 2011 they were there quite often), looking things on right side of tonsil no pain just botherend me making me feel like I need to gag, and sometimes when I coughed it came out other times I had to press on it to get the darn thing out, they were like white heads only two in the same spot all the time, ENT and doctor said food particles believe me they were not I thingk they were tonsil stones, found out through, med help. ENT Dec 2011 ,sent camera through nose said have a drip, I have alleries to hayfever andasthma asked to do a scan , did not do it immediately, until end of March when I woke up and felt that my vison was double digits, was worried as there is glucoma in family, and my previous eye pressure in FEb 2011,check was 19, Since March before I got the blurry vion hadnt been sleeping well, also notedfor getting a lot, putting things in wrong place, sometimes forget what I was looking for as well, had astammer at one time, which I never had but now not often only sometimes, if I am stressed trying to think of words maybe due to lack of slee. Ayway went to emergency did normal test to make sure not a stroke due to double vion and was asked to go toemergency ENT next day, Had terrible headache and went eye pressure was done igt was in 20 and 21, as I was also vomiting, did not have headace when I had the blurry vision, just . They asked if I get sius problems said yes, so they checked it with camera and said may have polyps and do a scan tomake sure hospital put me on antibiotics which had some acid in it made breathing a bit hard felt like something was stuck in chest and itchiness here and there, did scan said have polyps.Went back to GP put me on doxy for 3 weeks while on doxy got me to do a scan of the thyroid and said that it came out normal also did another blood test that came out normal. While on doxy noted the pimples in right side cleared up, but there is a flesh coloured slighly raisedlump on that side, so put finger in there to check it was a small lump size of pea doesnot hurt, but noticed after the doxy was over that it had enlarged , was worried showed it to doctor who said dont worry, been in an oout of doctors, who says my glands are swollen, everytime mentioned it to him but not worried, checked mouth with popsicle stick and light, mentioned to him that it has grown but docotor is not concerned, went back to entwith the report of scan mentioned to him he too said may be due to nasal drip, nasal drip, is back of throat this is in front of the arch where the pimples were,Tthe throat scan for thyroidsdid not show or mention, anything about this lump, as I was on antibiotics at the time, Feel neck is heavy, tightness, so went to chiro who took Xrays of the back top to bottom while on antibiotics, chiro said had a small bend but nothing to worry about, feel a lot of tension in neck area and sometimes a uncomfortable feeling, On the weekend was on bed on the computer, felt the pressure on both side of the neck as if I was going to get choked, have had this dry coughcough too that has started, for some times now but havent taken notice of it as I do have asthma, but it not asthmatic, had breakfast in bed and then got up was in the kitchen felt vision going blurry , as my neck felt tightening on both sides, went and put my feet up for some time took some time for the feeling to leave 20 -30 mts or more. Went back to Dr and mentioned about this, also noted that I had a slightloss of bladder control and did not know until I felt something wet, but was too shy to tell the doctor I am forgetting alotnot sure because of the stress of the lump, my sinus feels fine sometimes get the drip and stuffed nose but not all the time, could it be the lump inside throat that is causing but it is only on the right not left but the compression was on both sides,took a nurofen, yesterday, I am stressed oiut about the lump pressure was fine but my hear rate was 81 and should have been 66 or below, I checkd my poulse when I felt thistightening and it was 99, but when I went to the doctorit was normal, All I want is to get this lump out of my throat so I dont stress anymore, I want to do the polyps but they said they will have to straighten themiddleof nose too, and read that polyps can comeback if you dont know what is causing it so want to get allergy test done, as well as want the doctor to take this lump out at the same time how can I make him do it he is only concentraing on the sinus., will I need my doctor to ask him to remove it too, as it is causing me to stress, sinus not too bad but the vison thing together with the back of neck discomfort, and the side s of throat tightness, is frightening me. when I move the neck around I can hear this funny sound like a crunch you thing if I go to the dentist will she might be able to help me with this lump on the inside of the neck, I am not sure what to do if anyone can let me know if they have the same problem, I too thought it might be the arteries on the side of neck that is causing this, the doctor said if I get the blur vion next time she will get a scan done, note not sinus when I had the second blured vision. ENT asked me to take prednosoloan, and an antibiotic, not sure for what is if it is for the drip or the lump, as I was sneezing a lot the day I went for the second ENT Please help

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Inflammation of Carotid artery and neck pain - Undiagnosed ...

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