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Posted: November 6, 2019 at 5:48 pm

Im going to start this postthe same way Ill end it reminding you that each persons cancer journey isjust that their own journey. Its unique to each individual there is noright or wrong way to get through a cancer diagnosis. Trust me on this one.

So why are we talking aboutcancer today? Because Ive been asked a lot lately about why I chose to avoidchemo and radiation. Especially working in the health care industry, I thinkpeople expected me to take a more traditional route. But instead, I opted totake a naturopathic approach WITH some traditional methods.

This is where it starts gettingheated. As soon as I say naturopathic, I start getting slammed forperpetuating myths or not admitting to the truth, or my personal favoritebeing a hippy-dippy Indian. True statement, I am a bit of a hippy dippyNative American I mean, I live in nature, I believe Mother Nature and all ofthe elements help us in the various facets of our lives and I do believe the wereturn to the earth from which we live on. But Im not sure thats what thesepeople mean when they say that.

Having two kinds of cancer is acomplete double whammy!

Before I go too far down thispath though, I want to acknowledge that this journey is mine and mine alone.And that although many of you know that when I say #effcancer it usually refersto my breast cancer, but what a lot of you dont know is that late last year Iwas told I have early stage cervical cancer. It was a shock. A hit to the gut or lower as the case may be. And Im not afraid to talk about it, though I dontexactly love having my vajay-jay be the topic of public fodder, it was more menot sharing because when I did tell those closest to me, I saw the deep way itimpacted them. Hearing me say I have ANOTHER form of cancer was like twisting aknife. There were tears, there were swear words, there were gasps, there were are you fuc$king kidding memoments. So, I opted to process this one with those closest to me and now,after having had a couple of surgeries and having changed my naturopathicapproach again, Im ready to talk about it.

Now that Im ready to talkabout it, why am I talking about it here? Because Ive been sharing my methodswith people individually for a while now and frankly, Im getting a littletired of repeating my message each time when I could just put it all here andpoint people to it. So, Im going to share a bit about the approach I took andwhy.

So, what do I mean by anaturopathic approach that combines with traditional methods? I mean that forboth my breast and cervical cancer, I opted to have masses removed. I opted tohave the damaged and cancerous tissues surgically removed from my body but notto move into chemotherapy drugs or radiation as the next step. I didnt want topotentially damage healthy tissue just to combat damaged tissue. I consultedmany an osteopath, naturopath, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, etc.I asked a lot of questions, talked to a lot of people who had chosen theseoptions and made a plan.

That plan is always evolving,optimizing, changing based on research and what seems to work for me. I stillsee my primary care physician (who is an amazingProvidenceSt. Joseph Health doc), I see a naturopath and I see my oncologistspecialist (also amazing PSJH docs), and we all work together. Its part of whyI love my traditional clinical experts, they know its my choice, they arewilling to answer my questions and work with my non-traditional docs. Side note if your doctor wont answer your questions, you need a new doctor.

Youre probably thinking were seven paragraphs in and I dont know what you mean by naturopathicapproach to cancer. So here goes this is what my journey consists of:

B12 injections can take a littlegetting used to

Full cocoon red light therapy feelsamazing!

There you have it, thats beenmy path as Ive gone on this journey. There are also a lot of naturopathicoptions Ive considered but havent tried yet. Mostly because I havent neededthem, but if youre doing the research, certainly take the time to look atchelation, regenerative peptide treatment, halo therapy, biomagnetic therapy,hyperbaric oxygen therapy and more.

With so many options toconsider, make your journey the one you want it to be. Because, as I said atthe beginning, each persons cancer journey is their own to determine how andwhat they make it. I wish you all the best of luck as you go on your personalpath.

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Let's Talk Cancer and Controversy - Thrive Global

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