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Posted: June 24, 2015 at 9:43 pm

Sue Decotiis, MD

As we age, even as early as age 30, our internal production of hormones can start to decline. Initially the effects are subtle and vary between individuals. But as we head toward middle age most of us experience adverse symptoms.

Symptoms of low hormones vary with the actual hormone that is low. But many deficiencies overlap, for example weight gain can occur from hypoactive thyroid as well as in menopause and andropause. Men with low testosterone and women with low estrogen may also have low DHEA and need treatment for both.

Common Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency :

We used to accept any or all of the above as normal part of getting older. But if we treat the deficiencies that lead to all of the symptoms touched on above a person can feel their best. He or she can maintain a healthy body weight and have the energy and desire to lead an active life. Plus look great doing it.

Hormone Replacement Doctor is an evidence-based medical practice. In our practice we only prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

Why Are Hormones Important to You? Hormones are intrinsic substances that provide a continuum of specific information to nurture and direct specific cells in target organs. Without optimal hormone levels your body function is off balance and you know it. Even after seeing your physician and being told you are okay, something just isnt right. Hormone replacement therapy can make such a difference for these individuals. Most of us are or will become these individuals.

Individual body organs and their systems heart; cardiovascular system, brain; neurological system are not isolated systems. They need communicating hormones to stay vital. Looking back, life expectancy in 1900 was late 40s; so many died before reaching menopause or andropause. Now that we expect to live so many decades more than our grandparents we will have to deal with the effects of low hormone levels.With modern medicine extending life in to the ninth and tenth decade we need to think about the quality of life that hormone replacement treatment produces. Prescription medications and sophisticated treatments are not enough by themselves to produce the level of health and well being that we deserve today.

If you have any questions for the NYC Doctor in regards to Hormone Replacement Therapyor to make a consultation with Sue Decotiis, MD please contact the Doctors NYC office.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy in NYC | NYC Hormone ...

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