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Posted: January 22, 2020 at 4:46 pm

By far, the most popular forms of intermittent fasting are the 18:6, 16:8, and 14:10 time-restricted eatingplans, in which you abstain from food for 18, 16, and 14 hours per day, respectively. While breaking these types of fasts doesn't require quite as much planning as breaking an extended fast, there are still some general recommendations.

First and foremost, stick to whole foods and opt for a mix of macronutrients when you break a fastyou don't want a straight shot of carbohydrates (especially refined carbs) on an empty stomach.

"Definitely avoid carb-loaded meals and sugary drinks as they will cause a blood sugar roller coaster, raising your insulin levels and making you feel even more hungry," says Amy Shah, M.D., who uses intermittent fasting in her practice. "Additionally, having lots of sugar will make fasting for the next day even harder because your hunger hormones [like ghrelin] will be raised."

So what should you eat?"For a standard 16:8 plan, one could break a fast with a low-glycemic meal of choice," says Ali Miller R.D., L.D., CDE, registered dietitian and functional medicine practitioner. "If you're going to have carbs, ensure that they're balanced with protein and fat. A salad with protein, eggs with avocado and vegetables, a homemade protein shake, or a leftover protein and roasted veggies could all work as meal number one."

Portion size matters a bitparticularly when you get into the more intense time-restricted eating plans like 18:6 or 20:4. Even though you may be quite hungry when breaking your fast, particularly if you're new to IF, avoid eating a huge meal or you might overload your digestive system and experience symptoms like bloating. Typically, "hefty snack or small meal is best," says Miller.

Some specific foods you can mix and match to incorporate into your first post-fast meal include:

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Intermittent Fasting? Here's The Right Way To Break Your Fast -

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