Finding the Best Bioidentical Hormone Doctors in 2020

Posted: December 2, 2019 at 5:47 am

Bioidentical Hormone Doctors: How to Choose

There are many bioidentical hormone doctors to choose from, and after the initial questions about how long they have been practicing and their specialties, there still may be a lot of decisions to be made. So how to you choose among all of these bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors for the one that is the right fit for you? We want to provide that advice but also to start with the fact that often the best advice about potential bioidentical hormone doctors comes from word of mouth and reputation. Aside from that there are other steps you can take to choose, and we want to help. Please understand that we are a fully independent website and in order to stay completely unbiased we will not recommend any specific doctor or practice.

Lets start with where you want to end up as far as the bioidentical hormone replacement practitioner that is best for you. First, you want someone who has experience, and specifically experience with the type of treatment you need. You also want someone with experience with people your age and gender. So the first question you should ask when you are interviewing potential bioidentical hormone doctors is about their specific experience with people with your presentation. Know how many people theyve treated, and then it may take a few phone calls to be able to compare and contrast.

Once youve narrowed the field to bioidentical hormone doctors who seem to have experience with people like you, you then want to know their success rate. Now of course this is quite tricky since most bioidentical hormone replacement doctors will report a high success rate, so you may want to ask if theyve ever done a customer satisfaction survey. You might also want to see if their practice is covered by any independent review websites on-line. If you can ask a specific question you may be able to get a more concrete answer, such as whether they asked any specific symptom related questions before and after the treatment, and how often the answers were affirmative.

Of course choosing a practitioner can also be a gut level choice, and we do not want to underestimate that factor. The process of BHRT can be long, since even if the practitioner gets things right pretty quickly there is still a chance that you might need additional treatment at some point even if just a booster. Choosing a practitioner who is smart and experienced is important, but you also need to work with someone you feel is approachable, truly hears you, and takes time to understand your symptoms. These qualities may be a little harder to measure, but they are equally important.

With all the advances in social media and communication technology such as websites where you can providefeedback, there is still one method of gathering information and advice about potential medicalpractitioners, bioidenticalor otherwise, and that is word of mouth. It is impossible to know whether ratings sites have been edited or modified or even contributed to by the practitioners themselves, and relying on the comments of people you dont know is suspect anyway. Reputation remains king.

So what if you are the first among you friends and relatives to consider bioidenticalhormone replacement therapy. You can first turn to your PCP or other medical specialists youve seen, as well as friends of your family who are in the medical field to see if they have names of bioidenticalpractitioners. If you come up empty it may be time to interview a few practitioners, and here is what you want to do:

These are just a few steps you can take to check out your prospective bioidenticalhormone replacement doctor, but again, its best if you hear good things from unbiased and randomly chosen people who have seen him or her like your own friends, colleagues and family.

Here are some websites that might help:

Of course the first thing you should ask are questions about your potential doctors background with BHRT. Bioidentical hormone doctors range from having been in the field of BHRT for many years, and being relatively new to the field. The way you digest the answer to this question may not be as simple as it seems. Experience is of course good, but make sure that any bioidentical hormones therapy doctors you choose who have been doing this for a while have also kept up with the very latest techniques and improvements in the field.

You should also ask how much of your practitioners practice is dedicated to BHRT. There are some who do BHRT full-time, while other make it only a fraction of their practice. While you may not necessarily need a practitioner who does it full-time, you do want someone who makes it a large part of their practice. Also, while it may be okay to have some of the procedures performed by a nurse or other trained practitioner, you should make sure that there is a doctor actively involved in following your case and that you will get to meet with her or him regularly. If the physician will not be regularly involved with administration, ask how easy it will be to contact him or her should you have a question or concern, and again how involved she or he will be in reviewing your progress.

Please feel free to use our comments section to relate your own experience in choosing among bioidentical hormone doctors.

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