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Posted: September 15, 2020 at 8:54 pm

The CRISPR and Cas genes market is projected to reflect stupendous growth with a 21.2% CAGR between the years 2020 and 2026. A Fact.MR study has found that that the coronavirus outbreak has generated key lucrative opportunities to participants in the market in the short term. Application of CRISPR technologies diagnosing covid-19 cases, and potential for a cure has is likely to contribute to market growth. Wide ranging field of applications will sustain the high growth for years to come.

CRISPR and Cas gene systems have attracted significant attention among researchers owing to cheaper, faster, and accurate, results in comparison to other existing processes for genome editing. In addition, rising investments in the field by the biotech companies will contribute substantially to the growth of the industry through the forecast period, says the FACT.MR report.

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CRISPR and Cas Genes Market- Key Takeaways

CRISPR and Cas Genes Market- Driving Factors

CRISPR and Cas Genes Market- Major Restraints

COVID-19 Impact on CRISPR and Cas Genes Market

CRISPR and CAS gene technology developers are likely to benefit from the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers have been studying these technologies as for potential in covid-19 diagnostic applications. In addition, CRISPR is also providing opportunities in terms of a cure through destroying the RNA structure of the virus. The market is expected to continue growing exponentially even in the post-pandemic era owing to applications in plant gene editing and drug development applications for the foreseeable future.

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Competitive Landscape

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Addgene, and Integrated DNA Technologies are some of the major players in the CRISPR and Cas gene market.

CRISPR and Cas gene researchers have been investing increasingly in tech innovations and diversification of potential applications for a growing number of end use verticals, supporting long term prospects.

For instance, Thermo Fisher Scientific has collaborated with BioEnergy Science Center to use CRISPR/Cas9 protein delivery for a non-GMO process to edit plant genes. Integrated DNA Technologies has engineered a new high-fidelity Cas9 nuclease through unbiased bacterial screen. Beam Therapeutics is collaborating with Addgene for the commercialization of base editing tools for laboratory use in the United States.

About the Report

This study offers readers a comprehensive market forecast of the CRISPR and Cas gene market. Global, regional and country-level analysis of the top industry trends impacting the CRISPR and Cas gene market is covered in this FACT.MR study. The report offers insights on the CRISPR and Cas gene market on the basis of product (Vector-based Cas and DNA-free Cas), application (genome engineering, disease models, functional genomes, knockdown/activation, and others), and end user (biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies, academic research institutes, and contract research organizations) across five regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and MEA).

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The Vector-Based Systems to be Highly Lucrative in CRISPR and Cas Genes Market, Fact.MR Study - The Cloud Tribune

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