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Posted: September 3, 2020 at 8:58 pm

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The mission of MIT Technology Review is to make technology a greater force for good by bringing about better-informed, more conscious technology decisions through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism.

On September 9, the science series NOVA, produced by GBH/Boston, will premiere the documentary Human Nature on PBS, which explores the science, history, and ethics of this revolutionary gene-editing technology. CRISPRs ability to genetically modify DNA offers amazing possibilities to treat disease but comes with the incredible responsibility of altering human life.

Jennifer Doudna was the first biologist to propose the genetic programming ability of CRISPR. Well ask Jennifer about the current state of CRISPR, its short and long-term possibilities and the incredible responsibilities of altering human DNA. Well also meet Adam Bolt, director of Human Nature, and discuss how he brought this ethically and technically complex story to life.

MIT Technology Reviews Spotlight On sheds light on the technologies and trends of the moment, such as gaming, CRISPR, advanced manufacturing, and cybersecurity. For an audience that craves unbiased, hype-free insight, Spotlight On invites recognized insiders to answer the essential questions of new tech: What is this? and Why should I care?

Jennifer DoudnaBiochemist and co-inventor of CRISPR genome editing technology

Adam BoltWriter and director, Human Nature

Hosted by Antonio RegaladoSenior editor of biomedicine,MIT Technology Review

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Spotlight on CRISPR - MIT Technology Review

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