PROSTATE CANCER and stem cells.wmv – Video

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 10:50 pm

PROSTATE CANCER and stem cells.wmv Business entrepreneur Larry Howard #39;s 77 year old father was in deep trouble. He had been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer by his doctors at Kaiser Permanente. Their treatments had failed to check it and it was spreading. As-a-result the elder Howard had lost a great deal of weight and was running out of time. Larry had heard that a team of doctors in Mexico was using umbilical cord stem cells that had been genetically modified to fight cancer. One of the chief medical consultants to this program, in fact, was actually a friend of Larry #39;s; namely, pioneering physician and stem cell medicine expert David Steenblock. Larry took his father to see Dr. Steenblock, who sent them both to Mexico. The senior Mr. Howard was infused with the genetically engineered stem cells and wound up in total remission within 3 month #39;s time. He went on to regain all the weight he had lost previously and soon felt so good that he resumed socializing and dating. In this very short video segment Larry Howard shares how his father went from gravely ill to free of any detectable cancer.From:btancredi1Views:153 0ratingsTime:01:10More inScience Technology

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PROSTATE CANCER and stem cells.wmv - Video

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