Bioproduction – Therapeutics, Vaccines,

Posted: October 7, 2011 at 4:12 am

Learn more at: In the production of biological therapeutics and vaccines Introducing bioproduction solutions from Life Technologies Meeting new challenges - New cell lines - Product safety - Emerging biosimilars - Stem cells - Worldwide demand Forging new standards - Quality - Safety - Fast-to-market efficiency Multiple Workflows - Protein therapeutics - Viral vaccines - Regenerative medicine - Immunotherapy From molecule to market, the production of biologics-based therapeutics and vaccines poses unique challenges. Through trusted brands — GIBCO® cell culture media, POROS® chromatography resins, and Applied Biosystems® SEQ contaminant tests — Life Technologies is setting new manufacturing standards in product quality, safety and fast-to-market efficiency for therapeutics, vaccines and cellular medicine. Learn more at:

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Bioproduction - Therapeutics, Vaccines,

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