Insights Into MI6: Stem Cell Transplantation – Video

Posted: February 10, 2012 at 4:53 pm

08-02-2012 23:17 Nicholas Anderson, Author of "NOC British Secret Operations" interviewed by Joseph Dowdy. stem cell transplantation... can't say diseases to get hopes up. oversaw exfiltration of doctor who is an expert at stem cell transplantation. not an expert or doctor, but can speak from experience. much of this may bother others. there is an assumption one belief is correct and others are wrong. stem cells are human and animal organisms derived from embryos. they can renew themselves in others bodys/cells/tissues. they are not factory assembled. they are coming from aborted tissue that would be thrown away. in the soviet union, they experimented on them. again, author does not know all about stem cells. speak to your doctor and do your own research. for most basic info on the doctor from the soviet union, see the book. was this post cold war debriefing? was he a scientist who knew a lot? no. he defected in mid-70s. the west/us/uk milked him for info. they did nothing with that info. he returned to the new russia after the collapse and started again. what has he been doing since? is the russian medicine better?? yes, it's more advanced or the west has simply got their advancements from russia. this is like a replacement battery for tissue/cells/body; it must be recharged. it does offer terminally ill chance to live longer; not a medical diagnosis. if people know enough about stem cells, they probably know what it is... it's good for regenerating tissue without ...

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Insights Into MI6: Stem Cell Transplantation - Video

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