Cord Blood Registry’s Leading Science and Research Team – Video

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Cord Blood Registry #39;s Leading Science and Research Team
Learn more about cord blood stem cells here Cord Blood Registry #39;s Scientific and Medical Affairs team, led by Heather Brown Vice President of Scientific and Medical Affairs, is dedicated to helping understand, communicate and advance stem cell medicine. Her team #39;s focus is on helping find new uses for cord blood, including supporting research that is looking for treatments for conditions that have no treatment today. Our company was founded on the belief that saving newborn stem cells can change the future of medicine. Whether it #39;s providing newborn stem cell banking at no cost to a family with a medical need or partnering with world-class researchers for first-of-their-kind clinical trials, we are committed to advancing stem cell medicine and finding new cures.From:cordbloodregistryViews:202 7ratingsTime:02:05More inEntertainment

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Cord Blood Registry's Leading Science and Research Team - Video

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