Share Club hosts arthritis informational event

Posted: February 18, 2015 at 2:43 pm

Anyone suffering with arthritis knows how painful and difficult getting around can be. Last Tuesday, at the North Fort Myers Recreation Center, people who suffer from it got an opportunity to learn about treatments and the role exercise plays in minimizing its impact.

"Arthritis: It's No Walk in the Park" was sponsored by the Share Club and featured guest speakers, more than a dozen vendors, and even lunch and door prizes for the nearly 100 people who jammed into the meeting room.

The event, which was held at Lakes Park last year, was intended to inform people of the resources available to those who have arthritis, as well as treatment options.

Scott Strachan, a nurse at Abby's Services, a main sponsor that provides home care for those with arthritis, said the event was a replacement for the Jingle Bell Run, which was discontinued.

"We had guarded optimism the first year and it went over real well for an event of this nature," Strachan said. "We're supporting the folks who need the help and they're getting the information they want."

Among the guest speakers were Dr. David Eichten of Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida, who discussed and answered questions regarding the non-surgical treatments such as ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medications, glucosamine chondroitin, which he said was gentler on the liver and kidneys, though results were mixed, and injections, which lubricate joints and do not regrow cartilage.

When all that fails, Eichten discussed partial and full knee and hip replacements which he said can be done with minimal invasion, as well as advances being made in stem-cell research, which he said there has been plenty, although it's too expensive currently for most people to use that therapy.

Dr. Kath Kinross, a physical therapist with Lee Memorial Health System Outpatient Therapy, discussed ways to alleviate the pain of arthritis, as well as having those in attendance do some exercises such as sitting the standing and asking them to turn their seats toward her to reduce strain on the spine.

"I like to step a step back and talk about what we do before we get to that point. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, and we can do a lot to help. The sooner we do it the less likely we end up needing surgery," Kinross said, adding that an initial injury that doesn't heal properly often begins the onset of arthritis.

Those in attendance found the event very informative, even if they didn't suffer much from arthritis.

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Share Club hosts arthritis informational event

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