walk with us – Video

Posted: November 11, 2012 at 12:43 am

walk with us
SPECIAL THANKS TO: USAID, LRI, LE ROYAL, BECHARE MUNICIPALITY AND SCHOOLS, FRIENDS OF THE CEDARS AND ALL THE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WHO WALKED WITH US. November 3, 2012- "Let Your Disability Be Your Power" was the motto of Micheal Haddad #39;s walk in the Cedars forest as an initiative of "Walk for Cedars". Mr. Haddad is a disabled from the chest down due to a spinal cord injury. He conducted his walk despite his disability making his steps hard and almost impossible to do. He fought, held out and walked 5000 steps for 5000 Cedar trees in return in order to aware the national society on the importance of protecting and maintaining the Lebanese environment. This event was a special launching to a reforestation campaign sponsored by the NGO SHIELD and a forestation project in Lebanon closely supported by the Friends of Cedar Forest Committee in Bchare and the municipality of Bchare. "Walk for Cedars" is an initiative launched by Micheal Haddad to aware the society on more than 250 thousand disabled people in Lebanon (app. 7% of Lebanon #39;s population) who need to be rehabilitated and reintegrated in the society as active and productive citizens. For, they got the power to turn their disability into ability despite their handicap. So did Micheal Haddad establish SHIELD, an NGO that supports the Walk along with the forestation project in Lebanon LIR (Lebanon Reforestation Initiative). This project is funded by the financing program of the United States Agency for the International ...From:Elias El MokdessiViews:2 1ratingsTime:02:57More inPeople Blogs

walk with us - Video

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