Top Florida Medical Spa, Amnion of Florida, Partners With Merakris Therapeutics to Advance Their Non-Surgical Treatment Options – Business Wire

Posted: December 10, 2019 at 7:47 am

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Amnion of Florida, a leading provider of alternative medicine utilizing cryopreserved placental cell allograft and advanced bioactive facial rejuvenation, is pleased to announce their vendor choice to round out regenerative anti-aging therapies.

Amnion announces a partnership with Merakris Therapeutics, LLC to advance the development of Merakris topical bioactive anti-aging hydrogel technology. Christopher Broderick, President, and Founder of Merakris Therapeutics stated, dedication to science-based outcomes is our primary focus, thus were delighted to be selected based upon our scientific approach to youth maintenance and rejuvenation technologies.

Amnion is focused on attracting women and men seeking affordable non-surgical options for youth maintenance via cell activated procedures, hair restoration, joint repair, dermal rejuvenation, and anti-aging treatments.

Our team of experienced medical professionals and aestheticians at Amnion are excited to utilize the Merakris Therapeutics product suite, including medical-grade, sterile filtered amniotic fluid serums and hydrogels at our newest Spa in Sanford, FL, said Eusebio Coterillo, President of Amnion.

In a constantly changing field, Amnion of Florida, under the guidance of the on-site medical staff, provides the highest level of quality products and procedures in cosmetic medicine. They offer cutting edge treatments that are proven by research, the use FDA cleared or registered products, and are widely published and peer endorsed.

More about Amnion of Florida

Amnion of Florida, based in Central Florida, is a leading provider of alternative medicine using cryopreserved placental cell transplants or allografts, processed from donated cellular birth tissue, which are natural alternatives to autologous regenerative medicine products. The primary function of our allogeneic regenerative treatments is to promote soft tissue joint/skin repair and regeneration mediated by growth factors and cells naturally found in placental tissue. These treatments have shown safety and efficacy in treating a variety of ailments including osteoarthritis, chronic ulcerative wounds, joint pain, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, urinary incontinence, and ED. Learn more

More about Merakris Therapeutics, LLC

Merakris Therapeutics, based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is focused on researching, developing, and marketing regenerative healthcare products. Merakris is pioneering commercially scalable biotherapeutic technologies derived from stem cells that have various clinical applications. Our vision is to improve global patient care and outcomes through the pioneering and innovation of acellular regenerative biotechnologies. Learn more at

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Top Florida Medical Spa, Amnion of Florida, Partners With Merakris Therapeutics to Advance Their Non-Surgical Treatment Options - Business Wire

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