The 8 Most Iconic Beauty Products In The Black Friday Sales To Buy Now –

Posted: November 30, 2019 at 3:43 am


The Black Friday sales are almost among us, meaning the halls of your local department store are about to become a battleground. (The smartest of shoppers know the key to maintaining sanity is to do it all online.)

But when faced with deals and discounts from every angle, its crucial to keep your cool. You dont want to panic-buy all those as-seen-on-Instagram products before youre covered the essentials you know, the things you'll use day in, day out, until they're empty.

Resist those shiny, sparkling impulse buys (although yes, that glitter lipstick would look pretty good on NYE), and youll come out triumphant with a well-curated skincare edit that will keep your skin happy long after the last Quality Street has been polished off.

So, skip the scrolling and head straight for the good stuff this year. Here, discover the eight most unequivocally iconic beauty products we've spotted in the Black Friday sales. Trust us: you cannot go wrong with any (or all) of these heroes.

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1Soleil Tan De Chanel


WAS 40 NOW 36

Soleil Tan de Chanel is the kind of product beauty dreams are made of. The weighty pot will last you all year, while the lacquered, double-C engraved pot will look incredibly bouji on your dressing table.

But of course,it's what's on the inside that really counts, and boy is this a brilliantly formulated bronzer. Unlike literally anything else on the market (many brands have tried and failed to 'dupe' it), this dense, mattecream can be picked up with a powder brush, dusted under or over foundation, and swiped strategically to carve out killer cheekbones it's revolutionary.

2Blanche Eau de Parfum


WAS 110 NOW 93.50

Byredo's perfumes are coveted the world over, but with so many to choose from, you'll be hard-pressed to find a favourite without some kind of divine intervention.

Our advice? Head straight for Blanche, which is a byword for the crispest, cleanest scent you'll ever spritz. Forget cloying talc notes or blink-and-you'll-miss-it citrus: this is pure violet and musk-tinted freshness, like the cleanest cotton sheets that ever were.

And seeing as there's a very generous 15% discount (thank you, Liberty), maybe treat yourself to the body wash, too.

3The Rich Cream


WAS 205 NOW 174

The hype around Augustinus Bader's debut product was remarkable across the world, A-listers and beauty editors fawned. (Victoria Beckham even tapped him up to create her debut skincare product.)

Turns out, this clever cream really delivers. The secret is the Trigger Factor Complex, which works to kick-start the natural healing process of the body's stem cells. 30 years of research and development have clearly paid off.

4Bronzing Powder

WAS 31 NOW 24.50

The name of many a Nars product precedes its performance Orgasm, anyone? But not this one: the brand's Laguna and Casino bronzing powdersare famed for their supreme performance alone.

Both illuminate without relying on glitter (which always looks fake), and are warming without imparting those giveaway ruddy undertones.

Paler skins are destined for Laguna, while darker tones will love Casino. Your bank balance will love either.

5Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume HD Mascara


WAS 28 NOW 25.20

Ask any beauty editor what their ride-or-die mascara is and you'll get...a lot of conflicting opinions.

Like the perfect shade of red lipstick, a favourite mascara is a subjective thing. After all,few can deliver perfection when it comes to length, volumeand colour. Enter Dior's Pump 'N' Volume: the mascara to unite us all. (And yes, it's the one with the no-wastesqueezy tube.)

6Do Son Eau De Parfum


WAS 120 NOW 96

Many of Diptyque's fragrances could be considered iconic, but Do Son is the one that'll see you being stopped by strangersin the street.

The tuberose trail is enticing enough, but it's the unusual addition of orange blossom and jasmine that take things to truly memorable heights. A spectacularode to its namesake beach, in Vietnam's Ha Long Bay.

7Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick

WAS 17.50 NOW 14

If you're a 'lipstick person', you already know about this one. You've likely got one stashed in your bag right now, as well as one on your dresser, and an 'emergency' onefloating around your bedroom somewhere.

So good it's never been successfully imitated, MAC's Ruby Woo is the ultimate lipstick. A true red, it's neither too orange or too blue, and there's no skin tone it won't look beautiful against.

8Glow Tonic

WAS 18 NOW 15.30

We all know that alpha-hydroxy-acids are the gold standard when it comes to resurfacing, but so many require a degree in dermatology to use correctly.

Forgo the faffing in favour of Pixis cult Glow Tonic: it might look cute, but its packed with 5% brightening glycolic acid alongside soothing aloe vera. Simply sweep it over cleansed skin nightly no brow-furrowing required.

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