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Posted: May 27, 2019 at 1:46 am

Stem cells can do a lot of things - they can heal damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and restore function to damaged tissues. Did you know that stem cells can also improve your skin's quality and reduce the signs of aging? Innovations Stem Cell Center offers fat stem cell therapy for not only a wide array of medical conditions, but also for powerful anti-aging benefits.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Improve Skin Quality?

Stem cells can help improve skin quality by helping to heal tissues that have been damaged by:

Aging. The aging process causes the breakdown of skin cells and skin quality, leaving the skin looking dull and dirty. Skin also loses elasticity and tightness.

Genetics. Genetics plays a large part in how your skin ages, and it's hard to fight it with over-the-counter products and treatments.

Poor diet. Lack of quality nutrition can negatively impact both the body and the skin. When the skin is not supported through a healthy diet, skin becomes dull, drab and damaged.

Environment. Environmental factors that affect the skin include pollution, dirt and germs. These things clog the pores, dull your appearance and lead to blemishes, acne and breakouts. Environmental factors also include prolonged exposure to the sun, which can cause pigmentation problems and destroy collagen and elastin.

How Is Stem Cell Therapy Used for the Skin?

One of the ways stem cell therapy is used for the skin is through a stem cell face-lift procedure. During this treatment, Dr. Johnson harvests stem cells from unwanted fat taken from another area of your body, such as your lower back or abdomen.

After the cells are harvested, they are separated from the blood and other tissue and then injected into your face with tiny needles.

The stem cell face-lift can be combined with other procedures, such as the facial fat transfer. Combining the procedures increases the odds of stem cell survival and boosts the anti-aging benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for the Skin?

Patients who undergo stem cell therapy for anti-aging benefits see changes in their skin such as:

Are you interested in learning more about stem cell therapy and its benefits for your skin? Call Innovations Stem Cell today at 214-256-1462 to learn more.

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