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Posted: December 2, 2019 at 8:44 pm

When it comes to our beauty and skincare products, it's easy for years to pass without an updateor even an upgrade. But because advances in beauty technology are happening at the speed of light, its always important to pause and reassesswhat we're usingfrom dog shampoo to stem-cell skincare. SoI've rounded up the best of the latest trends that have earned a place inmymakeup bag.

Its no secret that Ima major fan of Kjaer Weisthere is something utterly fresh and clean about everything for the face and body, and its as organic as it can get. Enter the latest additions to the line: the cleanser ($95) and toner ($85, both pictured above). Not only does the soft, gel-like cleanser effectively remove all makeup, but its also calming. Follow it with a quick spritz of the toner and you have hydrated and re-balanced skin. Plus, the scents aredreamy.If I could accurately describe them, I would. But I was in Bluemercury downtown recently they have sample bottles to give it a go yourself.Bluemercury, 1500 Main Street, Sarasota. (941) 365-0020

Two things on my must-do-better list: Sunscreen and preventing this neck from aging. Addressing the first, Alastin Skincares HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen SPF 36 ($55) is a revelation. Not only is it lightweight, with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection, it also protects against environmental pollution and it has a universal tint that enhances most skin tones. Its the first thing Iput on in the morning before taking the dogs for a walk; I love the just-right tinted coverage.

Second, that neck thing. As much as I prefer organic and natural skincarewhen possible, I tend to lean on science for combatting aging. Enter: Nectifirm Advanced ($133). Its next-gen technology based on the ecosystem of the skins microbiome, plus eight peptides that helps skin appear firmer and lifted while lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Not to mention that those in the know at Sarasota Facial Aesthetics rave about the results. Get both products atSarasota Facial Aesthetics,1806 South Osprey Avenue,(941) 955-8384.

I was of the mind that a razor is a razoris a razor. Well, thats changed since theFlamingo razor($9.99) came on my radar. The team raised the bar on shaving after spending years talking to women (what a concept!) who shared the nuances of their personal care rituals and how typical razors fell short. Use this once and it will be clear that they did not overlook those edges of our bodies that need extra attention.Target, 101 N. Cattlemen Road, (941) 360-7520

Speaking of: here's another kind of sunscreen, this time for the eye area. Who knew? I recently discovered Colorescience Total Eye3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35 ($74)they say it visibly improves the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, while protecting the delicate eye area against photoaging with 100 percent SPF 35 mineral sunscreen. I say its great coverage, and if it comes with all of those benefits then...yay!L. Spa, 556 Pineapple Ave., (941) 906-1358

Brace yourself (and maybe your credit card) because Augustinus Baders The Cream ($265) is right there at the cutting edge for stem cell skincare. Get this: the stem cells found in skin lie dormant, awaiting an activation signal to repair the damage inflicted by life and environmental factors.The patented technology TFC8Bader's proprietary "Trigger Factor Complex"is comprised of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules that are found naturally in the skin. Its a repairing force in an ultra-lightweight cream that guides key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the skin cells, creating an optimal environment for the body's innate processes of repair and renewal.Thats a lot, but all I know is that I can see the results after a lotta life has happened to my skin. Its crazy good, and I guess for the price it should be. Saks Fifth Avenue, 120 University Town Center Drive, Sarasota. (941) 364-5300

Lastly, this one is for the love of our fur kids, especially those with sensitive skin. The Malin + Goetz Dog Shampoo ($28) is infused with natural botanical amino acids to gently cleanse fur and skin without drying, stripping or irritating. And I can attest that fur dries soft and oh-so-shiny. Malin + Goetz,

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