Scientists claim they can create babies for gay couples

Posted: February 24, 2015 at 7:43 am

A scientific breakthrough gets gay groups all excited about the possibility of creating egg and sperm cells from parents of the same sex.

CAMBRIDGE: Scientists at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the Weitzmann Institute in Israel successfully used skin from five adults to artificially create germ cells or stem cells, responsible for making sperm and eggs in the body.

According to The Daily Mail UK, Jacob Hanna, the specialist leading the projects Israeli arm claimed that the technique could be developed to create a baby, in just two years time.

They also reported Cambridge Universitys Professor Azim Surani as saying:We have succeeded in the first and most important step of this process, which is to show we can make these very early human stem cells in a dish.

The Daily Nation, however, explained that what the Cambridge researchers did was identify the gene which determined which cells would become sperm and egg, and harvested them by culturing them with human embryonic stem cells, for five days.

When an egg is fertilised by a sperm, they develop into foetus or the placenta. Some become stem cells, while others become germ cells and subsequently sperm and eggs. But this isnt the same as artificial sperm and eggs.

For now, Surani said the process would contribute to scientists understanding human genetics and diseases related to aging, as they discovered that one of the occurrences in germ cells included epigenetic mutations, where cell mistakes that occur with age, were wiped out so the cell is regenerated and reset.

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Scientists claim they can create babies for gay couples

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