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Posted: April 26, 2020 at 3:46 am

Whether youre blasting the heat or AC (or both, because, April), staying inside all day puts you on the fast track to dry skin. Unless youve got a humidifier decorating your WFH space, the air in your home is ripe for sucking the moisture straight out of your face. And while diligently slathering on moisturizer every hour on the hour is certainly one way to hold in the hydration, the easiest method to hydrate skin at home is actually by repurposing your hydrating sleep mask for use during waking hours.

No, were not talking sleeping eye masks. Think of sleep masks, which came to us by way of K-beauty and popularized over the last few years, as a sort of jacket for your skin. Unlike regular masks, they dont need to be washed off, and they create a protective boundary between your skin and environment thats even tougher to permeate than your usual skin products. We recommend using a concentrated mask during the day when working from home, because your skin is so susceptible to losing moisture if you dont adequately hydrate it, says Glow Recipe founder Sarah Lee. Because overnight masks are usually very hydrating with nourishing properties, it really helps to keep that moisture retained throughout the hours. Because of this, its also a great way to maximize the ingredients youre getting from the products youre applying underneath it.

A sleep mask should be the final layer after your usual skin-care routine, and can go on either on top of your moisturizer or in place of it. Scroll through for our favorite picks worth dedicating a spot to in your routine.

This influencer-approved mask is chock full of vitamins (C and E, to be specific) and amino acids that give dull, sleepy skin an instant boost. Its got antioxidants to help protect from free-radical damage, and ceramides to really lock in the moisture it provides.

A combination of watermelon and hyaluronic acid helps to infuse moisture in the skin, and a mixture of AHAs (including glycloic and lactic acids) clear away the top layer of dead skin cells to help moisture penetrate more deeply. The jelly texture is ultra light so that you wont feel like youve got some goopy mask on your face all day long, and can you beat the packaging?

This drugstore beauty buy is not only immensely hydrating (and under $20), but it also leaves behind a pearlescent finish that will make you look luminous while you work. Its formulated with skin-soothing niacinamide and moisture-drawing humectants to hydrate and brighten as it absorbs.

Thanks to its barely-there, water-based formula, this jelly mask absorbs almost immediately into your skin. In addition to highly concentrated mineral water, its also packed with calming and brightening ingredients like orange flower, rose, sandalwood, apricot, and evening primrose. Thirsty pores will drink it right up.

With this mask, youll be waking up, spending your day,and going to sleep beautiful. Its got all kinds of nourishing, natural ingredients like quinoa, mushrooms, and floral stem cells, and is infused with aromatherapy elements to help keep you calm throughout the work day.

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Repurpose your sleep masks to keep WFH skin fresh and hydrated all day - Well+Good

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