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Posted: September 22, 2019 at 4:46 am

While manycelebrities swear that "tons of water and leafy greens" are the onlytwo factors behind an angelic red-carpet glow, Mandy Moore has alwaysbeen an open book with her fans, constantly documenting her friendship with herlongtime glam squad, the Streicher Sisters, and the work it takes to prep for abig event. Another piece of her glam squad she relies on, especially beforetomorrow's Emmy Awards? Her facialist.

In preparation fortomorrow's show, the This Is Us starwill be visiting her esthetician, Biba de Sousa, in Los Angeles for a specific"Red Carpet Skin Prep" treatment, complete with a very traditional,very interesting-looking facial that promises standout results. Below, the step-by-step from the skin expert herself.

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Step one: For agentle, non-abrasive cleanse, de Sousa's soon-to-be-released micellar waterwill be used all over the skin, then she'll apply a "hydrating enzymaticmask to remove dead skin cells." Up next is lymphatic drainage of the faceand entire upper bodya must-try if you're looking to de-puff before a bigevent.

Now for the funstuff. Moore doesn't just get any old facialde Sousa incorporates a"DermaCulture system"with galvanic current, which she describes as one of the oldestaesthetic modalities (it got pushed aside by microcurrent machines). In fact,the machine is no longer manufactured"you have to wait until anesthetician retires in order to get their machine," she adds.

The time-testedtreatment consists of layers of gauze bandages soaked in a specificsolutionthink yucca root extract, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate and vitamin Capplied to the skin. Then, an old-timey galvanic mask is applied on top"to target tissue rejuvenation and firming via galvanic currents," deSousa explains. While definitely scary-looking (see below for proof from a brave beauty editor!), the results are said to be nothing short of incredible.

The finishing touch: a peptide-infused plant stem cell serum to keep skin looking dewybut we know what the real secret is.

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Mandy Moore Relies on a Galvanic Facial Before the Red Carpet - NewBeauty Magazine

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