La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion – Video

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 10:08 pm

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion
Recharge your cell energy at the source cellular A never before cell energizer propels your skin toward agelessness. Skin stem cells awaken. Regeneration accelerates. power Supports the cellular power-stations in your cells, allowing them to go into hyper-drive to fuel the cellular-renewal process. A power-surge floods your skin with renewal aliveness. infusion Working from the inside our, your skin tissue is restored with new structure and elasticity. Vibrancy re-ignites... lamination glows... texture silkens. Youthful, moist, firmed resiliency meets your delighted touch.From:TANGSSingaporeViews:425 1ratingsTime:02:47More inHowto Style

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La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion - Video

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