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Posted: March 16, 2020 at 2:45 pm

a Team of researchers from the University of Minnesota tested a new approach to growing human blood vessels. It will allow you to get unlimited number of vessels for transplantation, the risk of rejection is minimized.

Scientists have long known that human physiology has a lot to do with the physiology of pigs, so the latter often act as models for the design and testing of various drugs and treatment strategies.

In the new work, the team tried to grow human blood vessels in the body of a pig.

Specialists have got the Mature skin cells of a patient and reprogrammed them into induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC), giving rise to endothelial cells. The latter, as we lined the inner surface of blood vessels.

the IPSC were injected into the fetal pig, and he was hoisted to a surrogate mother.

In the first phase of the test, the embryo has developed over 27 days. No non-target effects were found, all endothelial cells were of human origin.

the Team believes that proved the viability of its concept, and is now awaiting approval for further study of the embryo in the later stages of pregnancy.

as planned By the scientists, their method permits to obtain a viable piglets with blood vessels that will precisely fit the vessels of each patient awaiting transplantation. Thus, after the operation the man will not need to take immunosuppressants drugs for artificial immunosuppression.

the Authors hope that their approach will help patients with many chronic and incurable diseases requiring organ transplantation, and patients with damage to the peripheral arteries, for example, due to Smoking or diabetes (in many cases this disease leads to amputation of limbs).

Scientific article on the results of this work are presented in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

by the Way, earlier News.Science ( wrote about the universal acellular blood vessels and the artificial blood vessels from cells of patients and drug administration.

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Human blood vessels began to grow in the body of pigs - The KXAN 36 News

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