AUGUSTMAN Grooming Awards 2020 Part IV: Best Head-To-Toe Treatment Services For Gentlemen – AUGUSTMAN

Posted: May 30, 2020 at 8:50 pm

Introducing the best in mens grooming for the year. The fourth and final segment in this series is a compilation of trusted head-to-toe treatment services every gentleman should indulge in to look and feel your best.Sometimes its better to leave things to an experts hands.

Treatment: CO2 Skin Renewal Facial Treatment, Porcelain

This treatment helps to deal with adult skin issues ranging from acne to ageing. To address the latter, a combination of a C02 mask and cryoprobes work to promote collagen production, boost blood circulation and tighten sagging skin. A hydrating enzyme mask then restores moisture and dissolves acne-causing grime and debris. Theres nothing to complain about when we left the compound with improved skin.Available at Porcelain for $298.50

Treatment: The Ultimate Shave Experience, Truefitt + Hill

We found out why people say its better to leave things to the experts. At this salon, the barber put us through an aromatic hot towel treatment to both soften our facial hair and help us relax. Swift and gentle strokes of the straight razor gave us a close shave, leaving our skin baby smooth and looking dapper fresh. We also appreciate the massage, which made us forget our worries and feel good to be alive.Available at Truefitt + Hill for $80

Treatment: Miracle Stem Cell Treatment, PHS Hairscience

This may not be as effective as a hair transplant, but it is a much less painful alternative to revive dormant hair follicles. The treatment uses the brands potent Miracle Stem Cell Solution, which contains a blend of growth factors, botanical stem cells and nutrients that nourish the scalp and encourage hair growth. DHT blockers neutralise the effects of androgen, the hormonal culprit behind hair loss.Available at PHS Hairscience for $297

Treatment: Rescue & Release Massage, Raffles Spa

Whether you pick the 60- or 90- minute option, this massage provides soothing relief from the tensions that city life inflicts. Swedish techniques were used to loosen tight knots, and this release of built-up tension left us feeling calmer and more in touch with our senses. The luxurious oils used in the treatment also left our skin feeling moisturised and nourished. Make time to use the baths to reap fuller relaxation benefits.Available at Raffles Hotel from $245

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AUGUSTMAN Grooming Awards 2020 Part IV: Best Head-To-Toe Treatment Services For Gentlemen - AUGUSTMAN

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