ABRING Announces Debut of Stem Cell Based Skin Care Products

Posted: December 13, 2014 at 3:44 am

Manhattan NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2014

ABRING, one of the pioneers in the new era of the most advanced skin care trend, announced the debut of their two new skin care products: ABRING lemon stem cell acne serum and ABRING apple stem cell serum/eyes serum, These two new cutting-edge skin care products contain concentrated essence which is derived from Californias organic plants and has no artificial or chemical components. This condensed essence has been widely recognized for its obvious effect on anti-aging and stimulation of skin cells regeneration. As a result, ABRINGs new stem cell products not only have such distinctive functions as anti-aging, supplementing moisture, alleviating scars appearance and whitening skin, but also can be safely used by pregnant women since it only contains pure natural plant ingredients.

It is well-known that the skin is exposed to all kinds of radiations everyday which can damage our skin in various ways. Most people think that there is nothing to worry because they have already used segregation frost. However, what they dont realize is the fact that segregation frost only plays a trivial role in isolation and doesnt help repair or stimulate skin cells renewal or regeneration activities.

Stem cells are capable of self-reproducing and have lots of potentials. Under different conditions, they can evolve into various functional cells. Therefore, the activity of skin stem cells directly affects the external appearance of the skin. ABRING uses the newest stem cell research achievement and is a known brand for natural beauty products. Because it contains condensed essences concentrated from organic plants and is free of any chemicals, ABRING can stimulate activity in skin cells, slow down the aging process, increase elasticity, improve tone, and reduce the appearance of scars. In addition, because ABRING also contains a lot of mineral water and vitamin C, it can effectively improve skin brightening and help cure and prevent acne.

ABRING products founder, Albert, born in California, United, is a cell biologist and a biochemist. Unlike many, he didnt have a carefree and happy childhood as the result of a natural disaster. However, Albert wasnt defeated by the unpredicted distress. Instead, he was dedicated to study and graduated from Columbia University. In 1971, invited by the U.S. government, Doctor Albert became one of first post-war medical doctors. In same year, Doctor Albert established ABRING laboratory which stands for: Doctor Albert brings hope. Based on years of research at Columbia University focusing on stem cell biology, Doctor Albert found that certain raw materials can effectively remove skin scars without using any chemical additives. After over 7000 experiments, he finally extracted pure activating factors from natural plants that can help alleviate the appearance of scars. Dr. Albert named the condensed essence of concentration of plant stem cells as ABRING. Since then, with its innovative and effective way of enhancing the tone of skin, ABRING started to be recognized more and more by the world. Doctor Albert's efforts eventually got paid off and ABRING became one of the favored skin care products from the users of all classes. Nowadays, ABRING has been used by more than 500 famous beauty salons over the world. Moreover, the product has been widely recommended by doctors as daily lotion for skin disease treatment or post-surgery care.

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ABRING Announces Debut of Stem Cell Based Skin Care Products

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