Biologic Healing Regenerative Medicine

Posted: July 24, 2015 at 8:46 am

I had spent two years in physical therapy while being bounced from Specialist to Specialist, all who repeatedly told me they did not know what was wrong or how to fix my lower back pain. The problem was that my right SI joint would slip out of place, causing severe pain and considerable restriction. It seemed the only solution would be to fuse the joint, but every Doctor refused because I was only 25 years old. I was close to giving up when I was finally referred to Dr. Scott Horn. He was the first Doctor to tell me that he could help. He told me about a procedure known as Prolotherapy. He described the process to me and told me he felt it was my best bet. I was hesitant because it involved needles and I've never been very good with it. Nonetheless, I was close to desperation and Dr. Horn was the first Doctor to tell me he could help. So I agreed.

To my utter relief, Prolotherapy worked! After the third session I started to notice a difference. My SI joint slipped less and was easier to manipulate back in when it did. I did five sessions total and by the fifth one, I was already able to walk around the block with no pain! The change was amazing, I was vacuuming, sweeping, even dancing a little, all with no slipping of my SI joint. This was a major difference from the point where I'd bend over to pick up a pencil and it would slip out.

Prolotherapy was a blessing! It gave me back my life, letting me live like a 25 year old should! I'm active again and it's all thanks to the patience of Dr. Horn and his staff! Dr. Horn and his nurses were phenomenal! They were all professional, courteous and just a pleasure to interact with. They were always quick to greet me and even keep me distracted during the session. I've never been good with needles, but Dr. Horn and his group worked wonders! If ever I need any pain management in the future, I would return to Dr. Horn in a heartbeat. I truly cannot say enough good things about him or his staff and the work they do!

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Biologic Healing Regenerative Medicine

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