Posted: December 25, 2012 at 10:41 am

Arthritis/Rehab Pain Clinic Dr. MH Youssef MD Carrollton TX clip 2
Visit our Facebook Page Arthritis/Rehab Pain Clinic 3740 N Josey Lane suite 232 Carrollton TX 75007 Tel:(972)492-8180 Dr.Youssef suffered from Planter Fasciitis for 3 Months it took 2 Prolotherapy Treatments and 2 weeks of Physical Therapy to cure him completely. Prolotherapy treatment for Planter Fasciitis. ARTHRITIS/REHAB PAIN CLINIC TREATING YOUR ARTHRITIS BY MANY WAYS INCLUDING : 1-TRADITIONAL MEDICINE INCLUDING MEDS,BRACES ,INJECTIONS AND PHYSICAL THERAPY 2-REGENERATIVE MEDICINE INCLUDING : A-PROLOTHERAPY B-NEURAL PROLOTHERAPY C-PROLOZONE D-PRPFrom:myoussefmdViews:10 0ratingsTime:01:11More inPeople Blogs

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