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Posted: August 1, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Welcome to DNA Stat. We specialize in personalized medicine services, specifically in the pain management and pharmacogenomics arena. We take pride in both our research and unsurpassed customer service, providing clients with genetic & pharmacogenomics testing which is the fastest growing field in the medical industry today.

Pain management and pharmacogenomics is vitally important as we progress into the 21st century as it is a realization and acknowledgement that one size does not fit all when it comes to medications. What might work for one individual flawlessly could mean an adverse reaction and a trip to the emergency room for another. Genetic Testing is the tool used to determine the difference before the medication is ingested. In this way, we are spearheading and defining personalized medicine services and enabling people to recover and maintain their illnesses and conditions worry-free. By eliminating the guess work, patients can recover more fully and quicker than ever before.

We know that the medical industry can be daunting to most people. Fortunately, the genetic & pharmacogenomics testing at DNA Stat comes down to a simple Buccal swab of the cheek. No needles involved, no fear, no blood no problem. Within three weeks, the patients doctor will have in his or her hands a Pharm D Report which is the roadmap to prescribing better medications and better treatments for their patient. DNA Stat, the leader in genetic& pharmacogenomics testing, is changing the way the world sees medicine one patient at a time.

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Pharmacogenomic Testing Services | Personalized Medicine ...

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