Living by Numbers: Wired Health Conference Explores Personalized Medicine

Posted: October 13, 2012 at 2:27 am

How do you get 800,000 soldiers into fighting shape? What has the sequencing of the human genome actually achieved? And where the heck is my medical tricorder, anyway?

These and other questions will be answered next week at the inaugural WIRED Health Conference an on-stage embodiment of WIREDs tradition of reporting on the frontiers of medical science. The conference will debut on Monday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m. ET in New York City. It will be simulcast in a free live-feed at

The theme of the event is Living By Numbers the notion that new data and analytics are enabling better healthcare delivery and research. The idea is straightforward on its face: By paying heed to our health, and taking advantage of new tools for self-monitoring, feedback, and community, we can empower our own actions and skirt the disease risks that life throws at us. But this potential is only just upon us, with the combination of new computing power, ample data storage, and having the right questions at hand. This technology is just beginning to enable the new frontier of personalized medicine: combining the insights of epidemiology with our own personal metrics to customize medical science to individuals.

The WIRED Health Conference will be an exploration of the challenges and opportunities of this new data-driven medicine. For two days, WIRED editors will host conversations with the innovators who are creating this new science geneticist Craig Venter, MITs Gig Hirsch and those who are leveraging it for all our benefit architect Michael Graves, Intels Andy Grove. There will be Olympic gold medalists and U.S. Army brigadier generals. Robots will commandeer the stage. And obsessive self-trackers from Tim Ferriss (author of The Four Hour Body) to Stephen Wolfram (creator of Wolfram Alpha) will reveal both their secret formulae and their findings. We also expect some news-making announcements, including the unveiling of new tracking technologies and tools.

The power of data to change healthcare is real, and its something that WIRED has been on the vanguard of. Now is the time to see what the next chapter holds.

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Living by Numbers: Wired Health Conference Explores Personalized Medicine

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