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Posted: January 12, 2021 at 5:53 am

No one knows what's gonna happen next in The Ventrue Bros, and yet it always seems like every twist was always meant to happen.

In the second half of 2020, Adult Swim decided to cancel one of its longest lasting and most prominent series, The Venture Bros. Thought by many within its community to be one of the most well-written superhero series of all time and a clear rival to even Rick and Morty, The Venture Bros. was an adult animation stand out that impressed with its witty writing, tot pacing, and large yet complex cast of characters.

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For a series that was initially animated over old, Hanna-Barbera cels, the series clearly became its own beast. This isn't just because it did the action cartoon schtick well but because it more than redefined subversion with its famous line of plot twists and character development. No one ever knows what's gonna happen next, and yet it always seems like every twist was always meant to happen.

One of the earliest and hardest hitting twists in the series was discovering that the Hank and Dean Venture that the fans were introduced to were not, in fact, the original Hank and Dean Venture. As Jonas Venture's old associate, Ben, put it, their dad couldn't handle the heartbreak of seeing them gone and decided to use a big ol' "band aid" to make things better.

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Due to the Venture Family's dangerous missions, some negligence on Rusty's part, and some stupidity on their part, the boys have actually died a shared 29 times throughout their "lifetime." With the slugs being destroyed and the O.S.I. now watching Dr. Venture for his illegal clone farm, there is now no longer a safety net for the Ventures, meaning that the Hank and Dean of today are likely going to be the last ones.

Myra debuted in Season 2 in another one of her kidnap attempts of Hank and Dean. According to her, she was apparently an old bodyguard of Rusty's that fell in love with him and, after a brief moment of passion, gave birth to the boys. After Rusty and Brock saved them, the two denied that Myra was their mother yet gave a very shaky cover story that she as an American Gladiator.

This gave some fans pause since the series from there would actually show Myra in a couple of flashbacks as Rusty's bodyguard, making some people think that she really could the Venture mom. It wouldn't be until Season 5 when she tried to kidnap Dean that she'd reveal that she never gave birth to them in the first place.

It's to be expected that in the clandestine world of super agents that there would be plenty of twists, turns, and double agents. Colonel Hunter Gathers love and embraces everything about the superspy world.

This meant even taking elective, plastic surgery to infiltrate Molotov's Black Hearts. Yes. Colonel Gathers didn't really betray the O.S.I. but was instead trying to gather intel on another mercenary group. But that's not even true either! Instead, Hunter had initiated is own offshoot of the O.S.I. and a reboot of an old villain organization, S.P.H.I.N.X. to take on bad guys within his own terms.

The relationship between the Venture scientists and their bodyguards is a sacred one. Rusty Venture's trusted second has consistently been Brock Samson. The original Dr. Venture had Kano. And, before them, was Colonel Venture and Eugen Sandow. During the earliest iteration of "The Guild," Colonel Venture was the leader of a group of scientists, artists, and adventurers that had worked together to create the ORB, a MacGuffin purely written to be a MacGuffin.

To prevent Colonel Venture from using it, it looked like Sandow had killed him. Instead, he had actually just broken the ORB, making it useless for future generations. It seemed like the two should've told people, but it did make for a good twist.

The Ventureboys have never shared a bad word against one another, unless for petty, campy reasons. Their closeness had practically been a staple of the series.

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While Season 7 did tease that Dean may have had feelings for Sirena, no one was actually thinking that he'd steal Sirena from Hank, let alone as suddenly and coldly as it was shown at the end. This has created the biggest divide between the two to date and inspired Hank to finally go out on his own. Here's hoping that they work things out in Season 8 and that Season 8 even exists.

Rusty Venture has done a lot of terrible things. He has sacrificed Hank over Dean in a ton of adventures, killed interns in his self-centered Palaemon Project, and literally powered one of his machines with an orphan. These are all terrible things, but it's been easy to pass them off across the story due to the inherently dark and campy nature of the show.

However, if there was one scene of his that assuredly disgusted and horrified fans everywhere, it was learning that he was actually Dermott's father. Upon seducing the 15-year-old president of his own fan club, Rusty held unto one of his darkest and most shameful secrets to date.

It was easy enough to just call Rusty a bad dad given how he's cloned the boys so much. Despite his begrudging efforts to be a good dad, the whole clone thing may have made him even more arrogant and negligent as a father. Did he really need to take the boys on all of those dangerous missions?

As morally ambiguous as the cloning process was, it was surprising (well, not too surprising given Rusty's intelligence) to discover that he didn't actually invent the clones. They were a project of his father's when Rusty himself got into a few too many adventures himself.

Season 7's Morphic Trilogy was the ultimate culmination of some of the series' longest built stories and it was the epicenter of plenty more twists and surprises within the tail end of the story. One of the biggest bombshells was discovering how important the monotoned Vendata really is.

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Initially appearing as the most unpopular member of the Council of Thirteen, Vendata was actually Don Fitzcarraldo, the original Blue Morpho, The Monarch's father, and one of Dr. Venture's most trusted associates. After a tragic plane crash, Jonas resurrected Don as Venturion but quickly got rid of him after an incident with Rusty. Don would later get taken in by Dr. Z who reprogrammed him for evil.

While the true nature of Vendata was surprising on its own, his reveals don't compare to the sheer impact of discovering that the original Dr. Venture was still alive...kind of. After the Movie Night Massacre, the original Team Venture quickly got to work to put Jonas in PROBLEM, orPROgressive Biological Life Extension Module.

It was meant to extend someone's life in the event of their untimely death. When Rusty was first called in to check on the PROBLEM's light in Season 1, that was actually Jonas trying to communicate with the passengers of Gargantua-1. He'd resurrect once again in Season 7 only to have one final exchange with the Blue Morpho.

For years, one of the biggest questions in the series was why exactly does The Monarch want to arch Dr. Venture. Fans got somewhat of an idea when he discovered an old childhood photo of the two that he just couldn't recall. In Season 7, it was hinted that Don Fitzcarraldo had some issues conceiving on his own, leaving Jonas to offer his help which inevitably meant sleeping with his wife.

This made Rusty and The Monarch half brothers. Do they now need to compete for the right to the Venture throne? Will The Monarch still want to arch Dr. Venture? Will Rusty actually care about any of this? These questions and more are what keeping longtime fans waiting for Season 8.

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