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Posted: June 22, 2020 at 3:56 am

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (PRWEB) June 18, 2020

The Vitaspace project was founded by the famous Russian entrepreneur Andrey Fomenko in 2018. Its goal is to join forces to radically prolong life and find a way (medicine or technology) that will help to preserve youth, restore health, and significantly postpone the aging period. This project was supported by various scientists from all over the world, doctors, and all people who care.

The other day, Vitaspace members published a petition at calling for the acception of their Declaration on Radical Life Extension to ensure that all people and nations respect its foundations and promote its initiatives. The founders of Vitaspace have also sent an official letter to the UN to consider and support this document.

The Declaration on Radical Extension of Life consists of two parts: the first - Human Rights - proclaims the right to a long, healthy life as the most important value to be respected and protected; the second - Activities - is a practical strategy to overcome the challenges to a long, active life.

As Vitaspace citizens believe, radical prolongation of life and youth is a real opportunity, not an unattainable goal. In their opinion, people and governments of all countries should unite in the fight against the two worst enemies of humanity - aging and death.

Vitaspace is looking forward to the support of all interested people in the distribution of the Declaration, as well as the participation of the UN in the implementation of its ideas.

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The UN is going to consider the Vitaspace Declaration on Radical Life Extension - PR Web

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