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Posted: May 2, 2020 at 1:43 pm

PC is not grumpy!


This letter is in response to Sara Howells comments about PebbleCreek having an age discrimination problem. I have lived in PebbleCreek for almost seven years and have never had the problems she said she experienced.

First, and most importantly, PebbleCreek is a 55-and-older community. There is a certain amount of under-55 people allowed within the community, but most of the population is, yes, over 55! I dont know how Sara was ever allowed to rent in PebbleCreek being 37 years old unless it was done under the table! Why would she ever want to rent in this community being the age that she is? And Sara knew it was a 55-and-over community prior to moving in.

There must have been other circumstances for her being scolded for driving 21 mph in a 25 mph zone. Many people will drive that slowly and nothing is said to them. People even drive over the speed limit and do not get scolded unless caught by the patrol. So, the comment seems very jaded to me.

As far as her being aggressively screamed at for walking in an area that Im not supposed to be walking in, I would presume that to be the golf course. The person was probably playing golf, was quite a distance from her and yelled loud enough for her to hear and stop walking on the golf course. A 37-year-old, if it was the golf course, should have lived enough to know you never take a walk on a golf course, unless you are playing golf. If everyone did it the fairways would be damaged, etc. Her complaints have nothing to do with her being under 40. She was not following the rules of the community. Even a renter has an obligation to know and follow the community rules.

Renting to someone who is 37 is not stopping a house from being foreclosed upon. Most of the houses in PebbleCreek are paid for. The community has no problem with a person who pays her bills (we all do) or serves the community as an educator (there are many retired educators in the community myself included).

You were not preyed upon by people in this community. You were not following the rules. There are some grumpy individuals in the community, but the great majority of people are absolutely delightful! Before you criticize PebbleCreek as a community, get to know some people. You may change your mind. And if you continue to be unhappy in this age-restricted community, maybe you should find a nonage-restricted community to live in.

Barb Roberts


Review the rules


This person was called out because of her behavior, not because of her age. There a many published rules and regulations in PebbleCreek that are designed to protect property and public safety. It is every residents responsibility to review these and adhere to them.

My sense is that the resident was driving well beyond the posted 25 mph speed limit when she was scolded. Did she brake quickly and then notice her speed? Was she distracted? Many PebbleCreek residents are in their 70s and 80s and do not have the quick reaction time of someone in their 30s.

Also, was she walking along the cart path on one of the golf courses when she was screamed at? For everyones safety, this is not allowed. This rule is in the HOA guidelines. Warning signs are not necessary or required. This is a golf course, not a carton of cigarettes. My sense is that this resident would be the first to sue the HOA if she were hit by a golf ball.

The vast majority of residents of PebbleCreek are here because of the outstanding population of great people from across the United States and Canada. We enjoy each other, our children and grandchildren when they visit us; the many activities provided to us; and living in a safe and vibrant community that is part of Goodyear.

We do not prey on those under 40.

Michael Quinn


Dont be so callous


I just finished reading Charles Peabodys letter to the editor in the April 8 issue. What an astoundingly inaccurate piece of nonsense. Factually incorrect and appallingly callous.

Contrary to the claptrap on Facebook, COVID-19 is not a cold; it is a serious respiratory illness. According to his letter, a 1% serious illness rate is not a problem because most of the remaining 1% are susceptible to just about any medical issue due to their advanced age and preexisting conditions. That is factually incorrect. It is affecting people of all ages and is responsible for deaths in all age groups and physical conditions, although those with compromised immune systems and underlying disorders are more likely to die.

That said, Mr. Peabody seems to think thats acceptable if we can get people back to work and children back in school. He also said, Giving a couple thousand people their 87th Christmas is not much comfort to tens of millions of breadwinners who wont be able to afford holiday gifts Really? Hes worried about Christmas presents more than peoples lives? And this doozy: Maybe these elderly survivors will read one or two more books before they pass on It sounds like hed support just rounding up all us geezers and sending us to a camp to die and be done with us.

Its time for some real facts, as opposed to the alternative facts being spewed by the right and found on Facebook and other unverifiable social media sites. As of the morning of April 9, the mortality rate among infected people in the United States was about 3.53%. The population of the United States is about 330 million. That extrapolates to about 11.6 million deaths if everyone in the country is exposed to it. Even if we assume Mr. Peabodys 1% number is correct (which it isnt) that would still be 3.3 million deaths. I cant imagine any civilized society finding this acceptable for any reason, much less trading those lives for money. Remember, economies recover, but dead people dont.

Now some questions for Mr. Peabody and others who share his misguided opinions on this: Which elderly people in your family are you OK with dying for your convenience? What age would you arbitrarily establish as becoming officially expendable to the greater needs of the younger generation? How old are you and when will you be ready to consider yourself obsolete and redundant and make the sacrifice for the younger generation to make some money?

Lastly, his letter stated: Indeed COVID-19 itself is not virulent enough to have a lasting physical impact on our society. Thats not being an optimist; thats sticking your head in the sand.

Jude Clark


Scary philosophy


Mr. Peabody carefully avoids the words death panel, but what other social function would fulfill his fantasy of considering the hypothetical benefits of giving aged and sickly people a slight life extension versus more comfort to breadwinners? He even tosses off the suggested age of 86 as the right age to sacrifice oneself to the economy. Well, that hits a little close to home for this family. Mr. Peabodys factual errors speak for themselves, but his philosophy should terrify his neighbors. I hope he keeps his death wishes away from our loved ones.

Jason Bentley

Litchfield Park

We are not one


I love my country. I love the patriotic strains of the popular hymns America the Beautiful and others. I love the sense of unity assumed within the designation of American. When my kids were young, they asked me why I repeatedly viewed old WWII documentaries. Do you enjoy human suffering, dad? I replied no, but that I did enjoy the sense of unity among Americans at that time of stress and conflict. We were one.

Today we are not one, not just because we disagree in political opinion, but because we disagree on the cause and purpose of America; this is beyond disheartening. Hatred and self-loathing have since permeated our ranks in a most disagreeable manner. Hatred is corrosive, it clouds sound judgment, and prohibits ones ability to be objective and rational because it is emotionally driven.

Now, at this unprecedented time of pandemic displacement and uncertainty, it is refreshing that recent polls indicate a majority of Americans approve of the presidents efforts to address COVID-19 and economic issues since we all want America to succeed. There are some who seemingly do not want America to succeed. Rather than help and support, they impede and scorn, clearly driven by ugly hatred which blinds their eyes to fact, logic, liberty, free enterprise and patriotism. These hate-filled and ignorant comments are largely directed toward the president and his supporters. Supreme court justices have been threatened. The president is now being accused of crimes against humanity and second-degree murder,

Alec Baldwin going so far as to say, If you vote for Trump again you are mentally ill. Really? Can you imagine the backlash if a conservative had made such outlandish statements? How on Earth are we supposed to take the extreme left seriously? The ongoing leftist effort to overturn the 2016 election has morphed from ridiculous, to shameless unabashed absurdity, to the surreal because of personal hatred; if this president discovered a cure for cancer the left would villainize him and call for an inquiry. Friends, to disagree is American. But to hate, or support those that hate, is neither constructive nor respectable.

Jason Russell


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