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Posted: November 20, 2020 at 5:55 pm

Its PODCAST Thursday! New episode of The Breast of Everything out now!

On this episode, Comprehensive Breast Care surgeon Ashely Richardson, DO, talks with patient Shana Carter about her experience with genetic testing.

Through genetic testing, Shana, a Young Fives teacher and mother of two, learned she had a mutation in her ATM gene, placing her in the high-risk category for developing breast cancer. On this episode, she chats about her cancer risk, and why she feels a prophylactic mastectomy was the best option for her. The decision to take my breasts was an easy one for me, says Shana. I wanted to live as long as humanly possible.

Many of my patients who were in a similar situation like Shanas ask me, What would you do? says Ashley. I cant answer that question, everyones personal experience and situation is different. Ashley goes on to point out that, Genetic testing covers more than 50 different genes that can be related to breast cancer and other cancers. Testing is much more accessible and affordable, and we know so much more now that we did 11 years ago.

At Comprehensive Breast Care, we recommend genetic testing to all breast cancer patients, all high-risk patients and all first-degree relatives who have a gene mutation. says Ashley. And for Sarah, that testing is potentially life changing, I now have less than a 1 percent chance of developing breast cancer.

To hear the full episode, TUNE IN at https://bit.ly/3fc4Fey, orwww.compbreastcare.comApplePodcasts, GooglePlay, or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

If you are concerned you may have breast cancer, or want to know more about genetic testing, go to https://www.compbreastcare.com/ or call, 248-687-7300.

Local Announcement: Why I did Genetic Testing - NEW Breast of Everything Podcast - Patch.com

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