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Posted: March 18, 2020 at 1:43 am

GeneDx, a global leader in genomics andpatient testing, is celebrating its remarkable 20th anniversary throughout themonth of March.

The Gaithersburg, Maryland company has played an important role in the history of genetic sequencing and the rise of the BioHealth Capital Region as a global biohealth cluster. GeneDx was the very first company to commercially offer NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) testing in a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) lab and has been at the leading edge of genetic sequencing and testing for two decades. The companys whole exome sequencing program and comprehensive testing capabilities are world-renowned.

In its storied 20 yearhistory, GeneDx has provided genetic testing to patients in over 55 countries.The company is known globally as world-class experts in rare and ultra-rarediseases.

In 2000, GeneDx was founded by former National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists Dr. Sherri Bale and Dr. John Compton. These two genomics experts and thought leaders started GeneDx to complete an important mission: To provide rare and ultra-rare disease patients and families with diagnostic services that were not commercially available at that time.

Prior to launching GeneDx, Bale spent 16 years at NIH, the last nine as Head of the Genetic Studies Section in the Laboratory of Skin Biology. She has been a pioneer during her storied career, publishing over 140 papers, chapters and books in the field. Her 35-year career includes deep experience in clinical, cytogenetic, and molecular genetics research.

Before partnering with Bale to form GeneDx, Compton was an investigator at the Jackson Laboratory, and for the last nine years as a senior scientist in the Genetics Studies Section at the NIH. Comptons work on the molecular genetics of inherited skin disease and expertise in laboratory methodology is known throughout the world. Compton has remarkable experience in the development and application of molecular biological techniques to answer questions about genetics and epidermal differentiation.

GeneDx, like manysuccessful BHCR life science companies, had a humble start, operating initiallyout of the Technology Development Center incubator. Just six years later,GeneDx was acquired by BioreferenceLabs for approximately $17M.

From there, the companylaunched its first array CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization) or aCGH testin 2007. An array CGH is also called microarray analysis, which is a atechnique enabling high-resolution, genome-wide screening of segmental genomiccopy number variations (NIH). By 2008, GeneDx had launched its Cardiology NextGeneration Sequencing Panel and by 2011 the company had commercialized itsneurology testing program. In 2012, GeneDx launched its Whole Exome Sequencing (XomeDx) for which it has become so well known in the genomicfield. A year later its Inherited Cancer Panels hit the market. 2018 saw thecompany achieve a significant milestone when it announced ithad performed clinical Exome Sequencing on more than 100,000 individuals.

Both Bale and Comptonhave since retired and GeneDx is currently led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gabriele Richard;Chief Innovation Officer Kyle Retterer, MS;Rhonda Brandon, MS

Chief InformationOfficer; and Dr. Sean Hofherr, FACMG, CLIA Laboratory Director & ChiefScientific Officer.

GeneDx has come a longway from its incubator headquarters over the past two decades. With over 450employees, the company continues to deliver on its mission to provide crucialdiagnostic genetic testing capabilities to patients and families across theglobe.

Happy Anniversary GeneDX. Heres to many more.

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