The Market for Personalized Gene Therapy Treatments for Cancer

Posted: January 27, 2015 at 5:40 pm

DUBLIN, January 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "The Market for Personalized Gene Therapy Treatments for Cancer" report to their offering.

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The Market for Personalized Gene Therapy Treatments for Cancer

This report, The Market for Personalized Gene Therapy Treatments For Cancer provides an exhaustive review of the market potential for relatively new approach in cancer research. It involves modification of genes instead of using a surgical method or chemical drug product. Essentially, gene therapies replace an abnormal gene with a normal gene, or changes the response of a gene (turn on or off). Not all of the approaches to gene therapy are the same, and different cancers appear to respond better to different therapies.

Several gene therapy technologies have the ability to work in combination with other treatment options to enhance the effectiveness of a therapeutic regimen. Gene therapy is also designed to target specific cells making treatment much less damaging to healthy cells.

This report discusses those treatments and estimates market size and market potential for personalized medicine using gene therapy. As part of its data offering, the report provides disease incidence, gene therapy product developments and market forecasts for the following types of cancer:

In addition the report provides:

Historically, cancer treatments have been very invasive and detrimental process to the body. However, there are numerous new techniques available for those with cancer that are not as invasive and detrimental to the body as a whole. These treatments range from the severely alternative to the more traditional. Newer alternative treatments are more precise and much less invasive as some of the traditional methods. Gene therapy is the most prominent new form of these alternative treatments. It is being studied as a way to change how a cell functions, for example, by stimulating the cells of the immune system to attack cancer cells.

Companies discussed in this report include those which have registered trials in Phase I through Phase III development and have promising development activities.

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The Market for Personalized Gene Therapy Treatments for Cancer

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