Strong Medicine ”Selective Breeding” 1/2 – Video

Posted: May 28, 2012 at 1:15 am

27-05-2012 09:27 Special upload for webkinzgirle12 and turebeliever24 I DO NOT OWN THIS SHOW S05E14 Selective Breeding Lu treats a young patient with Bi-Polar disease which causes her to act hazardously violent. Her mother must decide whether to keep her or give her up to a mental institution. Meanwhile, Andy helps a woman have an invitro fertilization. She uses new technology to help the couple have a boy because of a genetic female-only disease in the family but later a web of lies and deceivements is revealed. Peter gets jealous when Kayla dates a man he volunteers for at a zoo.

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Strong Medicine ''Selective Breeding'' 1/2 - Video

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