References on the Use of ALZET Osmotic Pumps in Gene Therapy

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Q2115 Yun,J., Sonabend,A.M., Ulasov,I.V., Kim,D.H., Rozhkova,E.A., Novosad,V., Dashnaw,S., Brown,T., Canoll,P., Bruce,J.N., Lesniak,M.S. A novel adenoviral vector labeled with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for real-time tracking of viral delivery.JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE 2012; 19(-6-):875-880. >>> Rhodamine-dextran; protein, Ad5-green flourescent; Rat; 2ML1; 96 hours; Animal info (male, Harlan Sprague Dawley, adult); MRI; gene therapy.

Q1884 Jang,E., Albadawi,H., Watkins,M.T., Edelman,E.R., Baker,A.B. Syndecan-4 proteoliposomes enhance fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2)-induced proliferation, migration, and neovascularization of ischemic muscle.PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2012; 109(-5-):1679-1684. >>> Fibroblast growth factor-2; syndecan-4, proteoliposome; SC; Rat; 1004; 7-16 days; Controls received mp w/ PBS; animal info (Sprague Dawley); wound clips used; ischemia.

Q1062 Fang,M.R., Wang,J., Huang,J.Y., Ling,S.C., Rudd,J.A., Hu,Z.Y., Yew,D.T., Han,S. The Neuroprotective Effects of Reg-2 Following Spinal Cord Transection Injury.Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology 2011; 294(-1-):24-45. >>> Regeneration gene protein 2; ciliary neurotrophic factor; Saline; CSF/CNS (intrathecal, subarachnoid space); Rat; 2001D; 2001; 7 days; 24 hours; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; animal info (adult, female, 200-250 g, Sprague Dawley); functionality of mp verified by residual volume; spinal cord injury.

Q0609 Chen,Q.M., Butler,D., Querbes,W., Pandey,R.K., Ge,P., Maier,M.A., Zhang,L.G., Rajeev,K.G., Nechev,L., Kotelianski,V., Manoharan,M., Sah,D.W.Y. Lipophilic siRNAs mediate efficient gene silencing in oligodendrocytes with direct CNS delivery.JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE 2010; 144(-2-):227-232. >>> RNA, small interfering; cholesterol-conjugate siRNA; PBS; CSF/CNS (corpus callosum); Rat; 2ML1; 7 days; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; gene therapy; animal info (Male Sprague-Dawley); tissue perfusion (parenchyma); Agents are CNPase siRNA, Cholesterol-CNPas siRNA, Cholesterol-Luciferase siRNA.

P9637 Mookerjee,I., Hewitson,T.D., Halls,M.L., Summers,R.J., Mathai,M.L., Bathgate,R.A.D., Tregear,G.W., Samuel,C.S. Relaxin inhibits renal myofibroblast differentiation via RXFP1, the nitric oxide pathway, and Smad2.FASEB Journal 2009; 23(-4-):1219-1229. >>> Relaxin, recomb. human gene-2; Mice; 1007D; 7 days; Animal info (male, Rlx wt, KO).

P9511 Uchibori,R., Okada,T., Ito,T., Urabe,M., Mizukami,H., Kume,A., Ozawa,K. Retroviral vector-producing mesenchymal stem cells for targeted suicide cancer gene therapy.JOURNAL OF GENE MEDICINE 2009; 11(-5-):373-381. >>> Ganciclovir; IP; Mice (nude); 28 days; Controls received mp w/ PBS; animal info (6 wks old, male, Balb/c, nu/nu); gene therapy.

P9121 Qiang,Y.W., Shaughnessy,JD Jr, Yaccoby,S. Wnt3a signaling within bone inhibits multiple myeloma bone disease and tumor growth.Blood 2008; 112(-2-):374-382. >>> Gene, Wnt3a, recomb.; Bone; Mice (SCID); 1004; 4 weeks; Controls received mp w/ PBS; animal info (Myelomatous SCID-hu); tissue perfusion (myelomatous bone); Wnt3a is a human gene; ALZET pump was "directly connected to the open side of the implanted bone, allowing continual exposure of the myelomatous bone to rWnt3a".

P8865 Kobayashi,M., Okada,T., Murakami,T., Ozawa,K., Kobayashi,E., Morita,T. Tissue-targeted in vivo gene transfer coupled with histone deacetylase inhibitor depsipeptide (FK228) enhances adenoviral infection in rat renal cancer allograft model systems.UROLOGY 2007; 70(-6-):1230-1236. >>> Ganciclovir; IP; Rat; 7 days; Gene therapy; animal info (male, ACI, 6-8 wks old).

P8852 Wang,H.Y., Ghosh,A., Baigude,H., Yang,C.S., Qiu,L.H., Xia,X.G., Zhou,H.X., Rana,T.M., Xu,Z.S. Therapeutic gene silencing delivered by a chemically modified small interfering RNA against mutant SOD1 slows amyotrophic lateral sclerosis progression.Journal of Biological Chemistry 2008; 283(-23-):15845-15852. >>> RNA, small interfering, modified; RNA, small interfering; PBS; CSF/CNS (intrathecal, subarachnoid space); Mice (transgenic); 1007D; 2004; 7, 28 days; 72 hours; Controls received mp w/ vehicle; functionality of mp verified by residual volume; dose-response (Fig. 3); no stress (see pg. 15846, 15849); stability verified by 28 days in vivo (see Fig. 2); half-life (p. 15846) "short"; gene therapy; brain tissue distribution; animal info (SOD1G93A Tg); neurodegenerative (ALS); mp + catheter positioning confirmed; Target (SOD1); "when infused at disease onset at the therapeutic dose for 4 weeks, this siRNA slows disease progression without detectable adverse effects." The catheter was implanted between the L5 and L6 vertebra and connected to a primed Alzet osmotic pump with the PE50 tube. The catheter was stitched to the surface muscle, and the Alzet osmotic pumps were placed under the skin on the back of the mouse..

P8528 Neal,Z.C., Sondel,P.M., Bates,M.K., Gillies,S.D., Herweijer,H. Flt3-L gene therapy enhances immunocytokine-mediated antitumor effects and induces long-term memory.CANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY 2007; 56(-11-):1765-1774. >>> Interleukin-2, recomb. human; SC; Mice; 2001; 4 days; Controls received mp w/ no treatment; cancer (neuroblastoma); peptides; animal info (female, A/J, ICR, 6-8 weeks old); gene therapy.

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References on the Use of ALZET Osmotic Pumps in Gene Therapy

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